Cannabis has been legal in Arizona for more than a year and is proving to be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Although there are cannabis trends to watch and there has been an uptick in new, trendy ways to consume weed (like edibles and vapes), many cannabis users are loyal to smoking the traditional flower.

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Although vapes, edibles and other forms of consuming cannabis have an element of convenience, smoking marijuana has a deep-rooted, rich culture—which is why people may prefer this method of medicating. Also, other forms have different effects. For example, edibles, which are high in psychoactive properties, might be too strong from the beginning cannabis user—especially if they take too high of a dosage. Therefore, beginners may want to start with flower, so they can slowly introduce themselves to how cannabis impacts their bodies.

Marie Saloum is the owner and founder of GreenPharms.

One popular way to purchase flower is by going to a deli-style dispensary. Deli-style dispensaries are exactly what they sound like. Customers have a case with a wide selection of different types of cannabis—including indica buds, sativa buds and hybrid buds. After conversing with a “budtender”, they can pick which bud(s) they want to purchase for the desired effect. Then, the budtender grabs that jar of marijuana and measures out the desired amount they want to purchase, right in front of them.

Many dispensaries have taken advantage of the convenience that comes with prepackaged marijuana, but oftentimes, cannabis consumers are unhappy with what they receive in the package. When people purchase cannabis that is prepackaged, they may take their weed home and measure it with their own scale to make sure that they received the amount advertised on the package. A lot of the time, due to transportation and heat, the bud(s) will shrink in size—so what may originally be one gram, ends up weighing at a decently smaller weight. If they are purchasing from a deli-style dispensary, they can ensure that they are getting the full volume of weed.

Deli-style dispensaries are great for novice and veteran cannabis smokers. For beginners, it helps them understand the amount of weed they are purchasing and to receive education on the different types of marijuana and how they impact the body and mind. For regular cannabis medicators, they can appreciate selecting the perfect bud(s) for them and feel good about what they are purchasing, because they can see it being weighed out before their eyes.

As we see the cannabis industry continue to grow, it will be interesting to see the evolution of deli-style dispensaries versus the ones that are not. Cannabis users will be the ones voting with their dollars!


Marie Saloum is the owner and founder of GreenPharms. Founded in 2013, GreenPharms is a signature “deli-style” dispensary with a large hybrid cultivation facility and extraction laboratory onsite. GreenPharms helps familiarize their hundreds of thousands of patients and customers with top-quality products. Proudly providing only the best products and unparalleled customer service, GreenPharms has received numerous Cannabis Industry Awards and recognitions as well as local accolades such as New Times Best of Phoenix Winner. GreenPharms has a location in Mesa and one in Flagstaff. For more, please visit