Happy Joe Coffee is not your average Cup of Joe. The celeb-favorite destination from California is not only debuting its first Arizona location in January in Tempe at 213 E. 7th St. on the Arizona State University Campus, but it also relocating its headquarters to Arizona.

Happy Joe Coffee, a coffee shop that, in addition to its cult-favorite regular coffee, also offers its own line of CBD coffee. The Los Angeles-built brand first debuted in North Hollywood in 2014, becoming the first coffee shop there to serve CBD-infused coffee in 2017. It has since grown to include fans such as Rami Malek, Solange Knowles, Aaron Paul, Kelis, Vanessa Hudgens, Fred Durst, and many others, and has earned a reputation as a disrupter in the coffee shop industry.

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Now dubbed the “CBD coffee company” due to its CBD offerings, Happy Joe’s CBD options are a simple and convenient way to incorporate the many benefits of CBD into a daily routine. And, Happy Joe’s CBD coffee is extremely unique.

“We are the only ones who blend the entire bean,” says Joe Yarbrough, who co-owns the company with his wife, Breanne. “It’s a very different process than anyone else uses.”

Happy Joe’s coffee is sourced through direct-trade relationships with farmers around the world, is roasted in small batches, and produces “clean energy”—the energy to get you through your day without a crash or jitters. The menu ranges from classic lattes, teas, and coffees to creations such as the Nutella Cold Brew, Lavender Latte, and Cinnamon Vanilla Matcha. The CBD is derived entirely from regeneratively grown organic hemp. It has medicinal benefits, but no psychoactive effects.

Happy Joe Coffee locations are a true destination. Welcoming with a relaxing vibe, with no signs of pretentiousness, they feature rotating, pop culture-related chalk wall murals which draw such a following that they’ve gone viral. There is also a tap system with as many as six specialty cold brews—all made in-house—on tap.

“Our coffee is cool,” says Breanne. “Our shops are welcoming and there’s something for everyone. We have flavors, we have options, we play hip hop music, our baristas greet people by name when they come in the door, and we’re not pretentious. We’re community-oriented and involved. Guests are going to feel welcome and comfortable.”

The Tempe location will be housed in a new building which is also being used for student housing (though not through ASU). Plans are in the works for a second campus location, as well as additional locations.

In addition to its drinks and food, Happy Joe Coffee sells CBD-infused K-Cups and Single Serve Pour Over, CBD -infused Coffee beans, and non-CBD coffee beans. For more information, visit www.gethappyjoe.com.