A massive gain from a significant loss after a quarter or a new partnership with a leading company are events that your business should never miss celebrating. Everyone in the small teams that make up your organisation has put immense effort into trying to achieve your company goals. Your leaders have probably worked overtime for quite a time to submit deliverables on time. Therefore, it will not be a problem if your company gives back to your employees in the form of gifts and a celebration. Listed here are giveaways that you can give to your hardworking employees.


Shirts are a classic giveaway when it comes to company celebrations. Shirts are useful for employees, especially when your company does not have an employee uniform. They can wear the shirts when they go to work or when they go out. Shirts can serve as promotional merchandise also as they can carry your logo and make your brand known to who ever your employees are meeting. You can even pattern the shirts using your company colours.

Power banks

In this age of technology in which we use our smartphones to do office work for us, giving away power banks to employees is a great choice. Power banks may help boost your company’s productivity as it gives 24/7 access to phones wherever. Do note, however, that power banks come at a high price so, you may give these out via a raffle or only a select number of people to grab one. Much like the shirts, you can put on a sticker of your company logo so the power banks can serve as promotional materials too.


The whole time in which your company was working so hard to achieve your goals highlighted exceptional employees who have withstood immense pressure and difficulties. Given this, the company can give out awards, in the form of plaques, or trophies, or certificates, to appreciate these employees. Your company can hold an awards ceremony for them and their families as well. Aside from the awards, you can also include gift checks or cash to further compensate their irreplaceable efforts.


Coffee is a must for employees who strive in a company. Coffee keeps them awake and energetic, even if working overtime. Therefore, it will speed up a company’s operations if there are mugs everywhere in the office. People can take their cups to the nearest vending machine for their coffee. Apart from that, mugs can also help your company reduce its plastic waste by not using plastic cups for getting coffee.

Showing thanks to employees who performed the best and gave the most in a problematic period for the company is a tradition that all companies should maintain. When your company achieves something, you should never forget the people who worked behind the scenes. As thanks, you can give them shirts, power banks, mugs, and awards.