If you haven’t heard of ChargeFUZE, you’ll certainly find the need of its product with a valuable service sooner, rather than later. Now, the company is charging up the crowd at the Footprint Center, offering a convenient way to charge phones and other mobile devices via a convenient fully automated kiosk. Best of all, it’s a portable charging solution you can literally take with you.

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Potentially, almost every visitor to the Footprint Center is a ChargeFUZE customer, and with the Phoenix Suns’ season in full swing, concerts and Super Bowl-related events happening, attendees can now expect to have zero downtime on their phones or other mobile devices.

“I was excited to help ChargeFUZE expand their portfolio, and Footprint Center was the perfect start in growing in Arizona, especially with Super Bowl coming to town,” says consultant for ChargeFUZE, Josh Mason. “It’s great for brand awareness with the Footprint Center hosting so many events.”

Co-founder and co-CEO of ChargeFUZE, Ryan Levy, is excited to have worked on a deal with the Footprint Center within the last 60 days to incorporate the grab-and-go kiosks. “We power over half of pro sports nationally now, all within the last 13 months,” says Levy. “For us, a big emerging market in sports, and just in general is Arizona, more specifically, Phoenix.” ChargeFUZE’s growth is commendable, given that it is a newer company, founded in late 2018.

“That (Footprint Center) was a great one for us,” continues Levy. “Despite our resume in sports and across different NBA teams, football, and all the different leagues, I was really happy that we came in as the utility provider for out-of-home mobile charging at the Footprint Center.”

“We have a network of smart kiosks all across the country,” Levy says of the proliferation of ChargeFUZE. “We’re everywhere. Our goal is marketing ubiquity. Any out-of-home experience, whether it’s a concert, your local mall, restaurant, bar, a stadium or festival, we play in all different industries and provide people the ability to not compromise their experience, either for guests or consumers, when they’re in an otherwise comprised battery situation.

Ralph Marchetta, senior vice president and general manager of Footprint Center says, “Coming out of a renovation, we were really focused on enhancing the guest experience. Pre-renovation we did have some small capability to allow people to charge their devices.”

He recalled hearing about ChargeFUZE during a conversation. “It sounded really interesting and sounded to me like a great way for us to go in terms of charging abilities,” explains Marchetta. “They were able to scale up for us in terms of multiple locations and different-sized units. All of those things were really beneficial to us.”

Marchetti and his team were strategic in evaluating the placement of the numerous kiosks of different sizes in Footprint Center. “We were definitely enthusiastic out of the gate,” he finishes. “The feedback we’ve received has been positive and we’re definitely happy at this point.”

Guests to Footprint Center can purchase the use of a battery charger to power up their phone or other electronic devices and take it with them throughout the venue. Then it can simply be returned to a ChargeFUZE kiosk at the end of the event or when finished using the charger.

The incorporation of ChargeFUZE at the Footprint Center has the venue in excellent company. Other venues that are using the newly founded tech company’s charging kiosks include Gilette Stadium in Massachusetts, Tropicana Field in Las Vegas, Spectrum Center in Charlotte and Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles just to name a few.

For more information, visit chargefuze.com.