Colored contact lenses are way to go this Halloween

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Raise your hands if you are reading this because you have ever wanted to change to your eye color. Well, hands down, because we cannot see you through the screen. But it is a fact, you may disagree! We all, at some point, have been attracted to someone else’s eye color and want our eyes to look like them. And in another case, we all wished if we could change our eye color and turn into a supernatural character. Here’s good news for all of you because now you can change your eye color within a few seconds too safely and comfortably because colored contact lenses have your back now!

If you need your lenses to change the shade of your eye, there are a few things you must think about. If you have dim eyes, you will have to choose a more grounded, progressively dark shading to hinder your normal eye shading from appearing on the other side. On the other hand, if you have lighter eyes, you will see that there are fewer cutoff points to your alternatives. Lenses that are progressively translucent in their hues are not an awful thing, especially if that shading is going to function admirably with your characteristic eye shading appearing on the other side. It might even make an increasingly practical impact. Don’t worry because will help you find the perfect contact lenses that you need for every occasion or even for a daily usage that will definitely suit you.

Here we have listed some of the best shades of lenses according to different eye colors for your ease.

The Best-Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

• Honey

• Pure Hazel lenses

• Jade Green lenses

• Sapphire Blue lenses

• Amethyst

• True Sapphire lenses

• Hazel Green colored contact lenses

The Best-Colored Contact Lenses for Black Eyes

• Grey

• Brown

• Hazel

The Best-Colored Lenses for Green Eyes:

• Brown

• Sapphire Blue

• Warm Honey

• Amethyst

• True Sapphire

The Best-Colored Contact Lenses for Blue Eyes:

• Eden

• Moonlight

Colored contact lenses for light eyes

If you feel the need to change your appearance, however, in an increasingly unpretentious manner, you might need to pick an improvement tint that characterizes the edges of your iris and extends your standard shading. Also, you need to explore different avenues regarding an alternate eye shading while yet looking regular, you may pick lenses in dim or green, for instance, if your normal eye shading is blue. In case you’re after a sensational new look that everybody sees promptly, those with normally light-shaded eyes and a crisp appearance with blue-red feelings, you may pick warm-conditioned contacts, for example, light earthy colored.

Colored contact lenses for dark eyes

Hazy shade lenses are the best decision if you have dull eyes. For a characteristic looking change, attempt a lighter nectar earthy colored or hazel hued contacts. Also, you must try out some bright shades of striking hues, for example, blue, green, or violet. What is more, if your skin is dull, brilliant shaded focal points can make a show-halting new look.


Blue contacts are among the hardest to discover, particularly if you need regular looking contacts. Going from dull earthy colored to blue is an immense hop. Since blue is so light, you need contacts that is obscure to forestall however much earthy colored from appearing through as could be expected. Select blue contacts with a progressively articulated limbal ring. This will guarantee that earthy colors do not look through the roundabout edges of your iris. The dark ring will likewise make a more noteworthy differentiation, permitting the blue to show up increasingly energetic. Attempt to avoid subtle blues, which are the most drastically averse to look practical on dim eyes. Go for sapphire shades or rich blueberry tones for the most characteristic looking contacts.


Green is probably the best shade of hued contact focal points for brown and hazel colored eyes, insofar as you are choosing the correct shade of green. Mint or lime conceals are not precisely perfect if you need characteristic hued contacts. However, there are an assortment of green contacts that will look regular. Deep olive tones will mix well with earthy colored eyes, and if your standard eye shading appears on the other side, it will have all the earmarks of being complementing tones. Emerald will not look as normal; however, they are simpler to mix in. On dim earthy colored eyes, you can successfully utilize a medium obscurity green. On the off chance that your eyes are earthy colored with golden tones, you can go for shades of green that lean somewhat more on the jade side. Jade supplements are brilliant tones.


Violet contacts are astounding for individuals who are not scanning for a characteristic look, and they are the least demanding unnatural shade to mix with dim earthy colored. In contrast to light shades, for example, yellow or pink, you are ready to use the feelings in violet contacts to further your potential benefit. Most dim earthy colored eyes have a red hint, which implies that that specific tone of earthy colored falls under the red umbrella of the shading range. Since purple color is basically a blend of red and blue color, you will need to discover purple contacts that have somewhat more red than blue in them. This will assist them with mixing into your normal eye shading. Violet contacts that are too blue will look unusual on dim earthy colored eyes, as the degree of difference will make the zone around the student be self-evident. You can wear these lenses to different costume and theme inspired events to polish off your looks.


In case you are longing for light, cloudy dim gets in touch with, you may experience some difficulty. Except if the focal point is amazingly hazy, regular looking dim contacts for dim eyes are elusive. In case you are keen on a dim, steel dim, you will not experience any difficulty whatsoever. Since dull hues will not have an immense effect from far off, you will need to choose dim contact focal points with a darker limbal ring. Giving the dark a dark band to differentiate against will make the dim jump out somewhat more. Dark focal points that have wisps of dark that run all through the shaded part of the focal point are the least demanding to mix with your standard eye shading.


Hazel contacts on earthy colored eyes are challenging to get off-base. In case you are hoping to improve your eyes with regular looking contact focal points, you can drastically change your appearance by utilizing earthy colored contacts on dim eyes. There is no reason for getting hued contact focal points that are going to coordinate your eyes precisely, so you will need to discover a focal point with various tones. You have a colossal assortment of choices in this division.

On the off chance that your eyes are dull earthy colored, getting golden focal points will add new measurements and light to your eyes. Regardless of whether they are not obscure focal points, earthy colored contacts with various specks on your dull earthy glowing eyes will give them lighting up brilliance. You can pick golden, nectar, or brilliant feelings to make your dim earthy colored eyes stun.

TIPS For Wearing Colored Contact Lenses:

• Do clean and purify your contacts and cases consistently.

• Do not re-utilize an old arrangement in the case of your contact.

• Try not to wear your contacts overnight.

• Do trim your fingernails to abstain from harming your contacts.

• Try not to embed a torn contact in your eye.

• Try not to wear contacts when entering a pool, hot-tub, or partaking.

• Try not to utilize saline arrangement and rewetting drops to sanitize lenses.


Craving a different eye color because you are inspired by someone, or for a change? Whatever the reason is, colored contacts will satisfy you for sure. But another catchy thing about them is that they not only enhance your eyes and appearance, but they can be bought to some great use as well. You can wear them to different occasions like Halloween or carnivals, even theme inspired events as well and transform into a fictional character with so much ease.

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