Glass fabrication and glass art have become popular mediums for business owners and homeowners to bring life into their living and workspaces. Glass art and glass fabrication can create transformative art work and create bright and open workplaces. The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed some homeowners and business owners to make some home and office improvements using glasswork. If you are looking to remodel your home or office this year here are a few of the best commercial and residential glass trends for 2021.

Starphire Low Iron Glass

StarPhire Low Iron glass provides unmatched levels of color fidelity, clarity and brightness.  Whites, pastels and earth hues can be seen true to color without the greenish hue inherent in standard glass. It’s unlimited applications are ideal for showers, wine rooms, home gyms, displays, glass stairs, executive conference rooms and storefront.   

Tanya Fischbeck, co-owner of G3 Glass and Granite Group, notes its popularity because it creates a more open feel and translucent elegance for homes and offices.

“People want that ultra clear view and clarity in their office, shower or wine room that starphire provides”, Fischbeck said.  “It gives your space a wonderful look, with clarity and color fidelity that no other glazing product can match.  It’s true color transmission adds to the beauty of every architectural and interior design element.    

While Ultra Clear glass is used both in commercial and residential spaces, it’s momentum in the home cannot go unnoticed.  According to Fischbeck, people are investing more in their homes, using bigger glass for walls, doors and showers and they want maximum clarity, light transmission and brilliance that only starphire allows.  

Glass Etching for Effect 

Etching a logo into glass is popular with business owners who want to spruce up the entrance to their business or install custom art onto the glass door of an office. Sandblasting is one way to create this frosted look, but glass window films are most popular.

According to Fischbeck, vinyl window film is a popular and more cost-effective way to install privacy glass or a beautiful illustration. Films can be frosted, patterned or printed on depending on it’s application. 

“Etching via sandblasting on the other hand is a highly skilled art, resulting in a single or multi- layered frosted design.  Most of our clients desire this permanent etched art for wine rooms, pantry doors and shower enclosures”.

Chandeliers: A Statement Piece

There is no other lighting fixture that can compete with the beauty and elegance of a glass chandelier and they have become even more popular during the pandemic according to glass artist Newt Grover, owner of Newt Glass in Scottsdale.

“People have been home more during the pandemic and homeowners have taken this opportunity to improve their homes and add more artwork to their house,” Grover said. “I think glass chandeliers are popular because they are the quintessential statement piece for a home’s entryway or dining room.”

Glass chandeliers are a versatile piece of art that come in all shapes and sizes so you don’t have to have a big and gaudy chandelier in order to commission a beautiful piece for your home.

“It has been really exciting to see people get so excited about glass art and want to use it as a statement piece for their home,” Grover said. “A chandelier is a piece of art that really just pops in your home.”

Desert Floral 

Arizonans love the desert so it makes sense they would appreciate glasswork that mimics the beautiful desert foliage. Glass work of cacti or desert flowers are some of the most popular pieces of glasswork.

“I think the popularity of desert flowers and cacti is the fact that they are so universally understood, but at the same time you can be really unique with the piece you design,” Grover said. “You can design something really cool or crazy to go on your wall but guests will still know that it is a cactus or flower.” 

Glasswork comes in a variety of different shapes and styles and is being used in many different ways in commercial and residential spaces and it will be exciting to see what other glass trends emerge in 2021.