At a time when the housing crisis is increasing, elderly people are looking for affordable housing options. The cost of housing is always rising and for someone who has a fixed income, senior housing options may fade away. Based on your income, there are some affordable housing programs that differ by location and program; that’s why it’s important to see what works best for you.

This article will discuss criteria for eligibility and requirements to become part of senior housing. It will also include some helpful tips before deciding on affordable housing, as well as what you can expect in this type of environment.

What is Affordable Senior Housing?

Think of affordable senior housing as a community where they offer rent at a reasonable price. This is a great option for elderly people with a low income since it allows them to have enough money to pay for other necessities.

Although they differ from one another, all affordable senior housing communities function in a rather similar way. There are some features that you as an older adult should consider before deciding to look for senior housing properties; it’s never too early to start looking into this.

What are the Qualifications for Affordable Senior Housing?

Eligibility criteria: Eligibility is based on age and income.

Age: More often, elderly people must be at least 55 years old in order to become a resident. However, it all depends on the program. Surprisingly though, data shows that many elderly people move in at an older age.

Income: If a senior makes more money than the program allows, they will not be eligible. You must have an income verification that states that your income doesn’t exceed your program’s limits. Usually, it starts with:

• Low income: 60% of the Area Median

• Very low income: 50% of the Area Median

Extremely low income: 30% of the Area Median

Background and credit checks: All affordable senior housing applicants must undergo a criminal background check, past behavior, and a credit history check to ensure they’re eligible and ready to be placed on the waiting list.

Prepare the necessary documents: You will first have to fill out the application form and send it to your agency or community via email, or you might have to bring it with you on your interview. Each housing program has different requirements, but some common documents that you are requested to bring on your interview include:

• Birth certificate

• Basic information

• Completed form of application

• Driver’s license

• All income statements and expenses

• Letter of necessity by a physician if aid is needed

Be patient: After the interview, all you have to do is wait and be patient. Based on your area, there might be a great number of applicants, so it makes sense that the waiting list can get long. What you can do is follow up with the program you have applied for and hope for the best.

What Can You Expect In an Affordable Senior Housing?

Each affordable housing property offers a safe and secure home for elderly people. If you’re wondering what you can expect for the amount of money that you give, check this list below:

Health options: Most senior housing properties have group activities and shared spaces so you’ll always have something to do. These shared spaces may have an exercise, community, or library room. Moreover, these wellness options may include home health or telehealth services. There will always be a professional caregiver giving your parents the attention they need and ensuring everything is tailored to their preferences, from routines to meals. Caregiverlist suggests checking the credentials of service providers in your area and ensuring they are qualified to provide quality care. 

Apartment essentials: Your apartment will have appliances, carpets, and blinds. Additional basics include having access to a dryer and washing machine. If you don’t want to leave the campus, there are on-site meals options as well.

Paid utilities: Your monthly fee covers every utility, except cable TV, that one is optional.

Affordable senior housing is hugely important. We hope that with the information provided in this article, you feel ready to take the next step. Good luck!