While most of us may desire the healthy, tasty meals, we may not have the time to cook them. We hardly prepare the healthy meals we desire because we are too tired or are generally poor cooks. The perfect kitchen gift will help you cook better.

Due to the lack of motivation after a tough day, we hardly cook our meals. We are left with the option of ordering pre-packaged foods. With more efficient appliances, you can prepare healthy meals from your favorite ingredients. Here are 20 valuable kitchen gifts that will transform you from a terrible cook to a master chef.

Countertop Dishwasher

Cleaning up the dirty dishes can be worse than cooking. This machine gives you six wash cycles, including heavy, light, normal, speed, glass and soak to sort your dish-washing issues.

Salad Chopping Tongs

Turn your ordinary salad into a tasty chopped dish. From all the kitchen gift ideas for mom, this could be the best. Its inventive scissors easily cut the vegetables to give you the salad you desire.

Milk frother

Rather than cold milk just being dumped into hot coffee, the milk is steamed and aerated before adding it to the drink. Aeration is the process of adding air into the milk, making it foamy. Choose and buy the best milk frother for you, it will help you to create a smooth, silky beverage. And with the right equipment, it’s not that hard to replicate these specialty drinks at home. This alone has the potential to save you lots of money that you would otherwise be spending at the coffee shop.

Digital Meat Thermometer

The perfect temperature is important in any meat-cooking process. The digital meat thermometer has a large and clear LCD screen to show the exact current temperature. It also helps in tracking the projected finish temperature.

Garlic Chopper

A garlic chopper presents the best new kitchen gift to help keep off the garlic smell from your hands. Just pop the top open and drop in the peeled garlic clove. Then, you roll the chopper back and forth to mince the garlic clove into fine bits.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches for your breakfast may not be the hardest to make. With this handy gadget, making your morning sandwiches will only get better and easier. This will save time and give the tasty sandwiches you need to kickstart your day.

Mini Rice Cooker

With a rice cooker, you can forget about burning the bottom whenever you’re cooking rice. With full-sized rice cookers, you can cook rice for two or three people. What’s more, these cookers can even fit into small kitchens.

Pressure Cooker

This pot appears to be the brightest of all the kitchen Christmas gift ideas for the poor cooks. A 7-in-1 pressure cooker works as a steamer, pressure cooker, slow-cooker and more. Even the large chunks of beef will cook in under an hour. Impressive, right?

Electric Kettle

Waiting for water to boil over the stovetop can be annoying. Electric kettles boil water super-fast and could turn out to be an impressive new kitchen gift, especially for those who often drink boiled water.

Vegetable Peelers

Thinking of gift ideas for kitchen? Then, go for vegetable peelers. Most of them are y-shaped and make preparation of vegetables a walk in the park.

Intelligent Oven

Its six carbon fiber heating elements help with roasting, broiling, toasting, and baking. Additionally, this oven cooks food faster than the conventional oven. Sounds good, right?

Juicing System

Moms may find it challenging blending the fruits and vegetables. A juicing system may well be one of the fascinating kitchen gift ideas for her, to help her prepare nutrient-dense juice in minutes.

Yolk Extractor

This silicone tool will help you suck up the egg’s yolk and leave the egg white behind and are useful for bulk extraction. This accessory should certainly be included in your new kitchen gift ideas.

Vegetable Spiralizer

With this kitchen accessory, you can create strands of vegetables and tubers such as cucumber and potatoes. The twirled veggies are the perfect substitutes for your regular pasta in the Italian dishes and stir-fry.

Herb Savers

Fetching fresh produce from the store may be one of the reasons most of us avoid cooking. With these amazing herb savers, you will keep your rosemary sprigs fresh for up to three weeks.

Avocado Cubers

Digging the avocado from its peel can get messy sometimes. You can easily get the squares of that avocado by simply pressing and twisting your cuber for making your avocado salad.

Vegetable Corer

Extract the core your vegetables such as pepper and tomatoes for the preparation of a healthy meal. The cores and seeds of these vegetables can be cut out in one swoop of a vegetable corer.


Preparing your kale salad will never get easier! This accessory helps you remove the tough vegetable stems efficiently whenever you are juicing or preparing a salad.

Popcorn Maker

That popcorn may be tasty but may not have been packed hygienically. With a popcorn maker, you can even pop flavored popcorn for a healthy dessert.

Indoor/Outdoor Grill

You don’t have to worry about the weather whenever you’re craving some barbeque. Simply flip your burger or shrimp whether indoors or outdoors with this grill.

Food Dehydrator

This inventive kitchen appliance will help you make zero-effort dried and jerky fruits in a short time. This will also help preserve your food to avoid leftovers lying around your kitchen.


Getting yourself one of these kitchen appliances will turn your cooking experiences from terrible to enjoyable. What’s the best kitchen gift you have received from a friend? Any helpful appliance you feel we left out? Feel free to leave a comment below.