Scorpions are one of the scariest pests you can encounter – not only are they known for their venomous sting, they’re notoriously difficult to eradicate once they’ve infested a home. They’re resilient to many types of pesticides, can enter in a space as small as a credit card and can be difficult to spot. Here are a few things you should know to help keep your family safe this summer when scorpions are their most active.

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1. A multi-step pest control strategy can help protect you from scorpions.

We recommend AVERZION, our glass-like barrier that prevents scorpions from entering the home. Scorpions are notoriously skilled climbers and it’s how they’re able to enter any space. Paired with a traditional pest control program, AVERZION creates a protective shield for your home — creating more peace of mind for you and your family this summer.

2. Traditional scorpion season is May until June, but they’re active all year long.

Summer is often known as scorpion season – but a number of factors can aggravate scorpions and make them more active. Rain, construction, home improvement projects and more can force scorpions out of hiding and put your family at risk for a sting so it’s important to stay vigilant all year round. Using a blacklight around your space is a fast, cost-effective and easy way to check for scorpions in your home. Since scorpions are nocturnal, it’s also easier to find them at night when they are often searching for their next meal. They also have poor eyesight so it’s likely you’ll find them climbing along your baseboards.

3. Moisture and clutter attract scorpions.

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is attracted to moisture, if you are looking to hunt them down in your home, set out a wet towel, come back with a blacklight and carefully check the towel. This is another great way to know if a scorpion is lurking in your home. Scorpions hide in piles of wood, rocks and any compost piles. Maintain a clean perimeter around your home and lawn to prevent overhanging branches touching your home or garage. Scorpions are known to nest, in a similar way that bees do. Be aware of coming into contact with a nest as it can be very dangerous.

4. Scorpions travel in groups – so if you find one there will likely be more.

If you see one scorpion in your home it’s very likely there’s more so it’s critical to contact your pest control providers immediately in order to end the infestation. Arizona Bark Scorpions give live birth to 25 to 35 scorplings during the summer months, so if you spot a mother scorpion and you can see the babies on her back, you need to remove it immediately from your home.


Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales are the founders of AVERZION, a one-of-a-kind scorpion and crawling pest physical barrier that is applied to any building using a one-time clear coat application to completely block any scorpion or crawling pests from entering. For more information on AVERZION, visit