Thanks in part to organization guru and New York Times bestselling author Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, it seems like everyone is tidying up. From decluttering to employing clever storage techniques, a new year can feel like the perfect time to organize your home and simplify your life. But did you know that tidying your home can bring more than joy? Check out the ways you can save and make money by applying some of Kondo’s principles in your own home.

#1 Confirm what you already have

Keeping your home tidy means you won’t have to search for a shirt, stationary or screwdriver ever again. You’ll know exactly where all of your things are and can avoid buying replacements for things you already have. It may seem small, but this can help you save some significant cash.

#2 Identify items to sell or donate

It’s inevitable — whenever you clean out your closet, kitchen cabinets and office drawers, you find good quality items you no longer wear or use. Rather than disposing of them, why not make some money? Take them to a consignment store or list them online and assess their current value. Better yet, host a garage sale (real or virtual) and stay in complete control of the sales process.

If anything isn’t selling, consider giving them to a local charity, Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can still reap some financial benefits by claiming the charitable donation tax deduction. A tidier home and a lower tax bill is what we call a win-win.

#3 Save time

Cleaning up and getting organized can also save you time. Now that you’ll know where all your items are, you won’t waste hours looking for them. In addition to preventing you from making unnecessary new purchases, this means you can spend more time focused on work or amping up your side hustle. After all, time is money.

#4 Protect yourself from costly disasters

Getting your home organized also presents the opportunity to make it more secure. Keeping entry points accessible, testing your alarm systems, draining your water heater, pumping the septic tank, clearing the roof and changing HVAC filters can all prevent or limit the damage from an emergency. Taking better care of your home’s features will also help them last longer.

Since insurance companies base rates on your home’s susceptibility to threats, you could also qualify for cheaper rates just by staying tidy. Plus, your rates will be less likely to increase at renewal time the fewer incidents you have at your home. Some providers, like Hippo, even offer a no-claims discount for policyholders who go a certain number of years without filing a claim.

Tidying your life, tidying your finances

Taking care of your home is important. As outlined here, it can also save you money. Applying some home tidying tips directly to your finances can help you save even more. Take an honest look at every expense for the past few months. If there are any unnecessary expenses that didn’t spark joy, contemplate ways to eliminate them in the future. According to the Kondo method, you won’t even miss them. It’s all about changing your perspective of budgeting from restrictive to empowering. You’ll feel lighter and freer while your wallet and bank account get bulkier.


Andrea Collins is head of brand marketing at Hippo Insurance, a California-based insurtech company that is transforming home insurance for the modern household. Among its many innovations, Hippo allows homeowners to get a quote and purchase home insurance online in 60 seconds or less, save up to 25 percent compared with traditional insurers, and obtain smarter coverage for modern households. This includes protection for possessions like appliances, consumer electronics, and home offices.