In 2017, there were over 4,000 incidents reported to the US Coast Guard. While many of these emergencies required assistance, some could have been prevented by being prepared.

When you have the right boat tools onboard, you can take care of a variety of situations yourself. Make sure you have these five tools on your boat.

1. Pliers 

You can use your pliers to tighten up a nut that’s vibrated its way free. Or you can use them to tighten up a loose crimp. If you’re out fishing and you can’t get a hook out, grab your trusty fliers and work the hook out.

For your pair, look for ones that can adjust for the most versatility. If it has a built-in wire snipper, that’s even better.

A rubber-coated handle will give you the most secure grip even when your hands are wet. Because you’re on the water, look for 6000 series aluminum so that they won’t rust.

2. WD-40 

It may not be perfect for every situation, but it can come in handy both on your boat and with your trailer. Since corrosion is a constant struggle, WD-40 can help you get components moving again. Or if you need to get a fastener loose, it can help to break things free.

3. Adjustable Wrench 

You’ll find yourself reaching for your adjustable wrench almost as often as your pliers. The most versatile one will be mid-sized, open-ended, and adjustable. It can be helpful to have a range of sizes, though.

Think about the range of bolt sizes you have on your boat. You want to make sure you have a tool that can handle the fasteners on your boat.

As with the pliers, you’ll want a rubberized handle and corrosion-resistant metal.

4. Tow Line 

A tow line can be your ticket to rescue should you become stuck out on the water. Don’t depend on your rescuer to have a tow line. Having one yourself means you’re prepared and can get rescued by anyone you flag down.

You’ll find that your tow line will come to the rescue in other situations. Maybe you discover that your boat cover isn’t staying in place. You can use your tow line in a pinch to secure it.

It’s best to replace your cover with one that will stay secure, so it provides the greatest amount of protection. Check out a service such as this one for a new cover: STOPBYUS – GREAT QUALITY BOAT COVERS, BIMINI TOPS, MARINE COVERS AND ACCESSORIES.

5. Fire Extinguisher 

This one may sound strange, after all, you’re out on the water, why would you need a fire extinguisher. Except this one tool will mean the difference between minor damage and a boat burned to the waterline.

There are a lot of flammable materials on a boat, so make sure your fire extinguisher is easily within reach. Then check it regularly to make sure it’s fully charged and ready for use.

Gather These Essential Boat Tools

Make sure you have these five boat tools onboard every time you leave the dock. You may not use them the majority of the time. But the one time you do need them, you’ll be thankful you have them.

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