Are you searching for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring? Don’t overlook the round brilliant diamond. 

As the cost of an average wedding increases, you might look for ways to save some money while you plan. But, don’t skimp when it comes to the ring that symbolizes your love for all eternity. 

Here are the five best reasons to buy a brilliant round diamond as your forever ring. 

1. It’s Brilliant

The round diamond cut is brilliant–literally. 

What is a brilliant cut diamond? A diamond’s brilliance describes how light reflects and returns through the diamond’s cut. 

The round diamond is one of the most popular cuts of diamond, and for a good reason. The Round Brilliant Cut has 58 facets. With these many facets, the brilliance of a round cut diamond is stunning. 

2. It’s the Highest Standard

When you wear a round cut diamond ring, you wear the highest standard of a diamond. 

The round brilliant is the only diamond cut that earns a cut grade on its Gemology Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading report.

It’s an impressive ring that stands out. When you’re looking for round diamonds for sale, be sure you know how to find and set the perfect one. 

3. It’s Symmetrical

Symmetry might seem boring. But, a diamond with ideal symmetry shows off the highest volume of sparkle and light.

When you’re looking for the perfect diamond, you want it to sparkle! Round diamonds sparkle without effort. 

4. It’s Classic

A round cut diamond never goes out of style. 

While other cuts ebb and flow out of popularity, your round brilliant diamond stands the trends of time–over and over again. 

The round diamond began gaining popularity in 1919. It received another boost from the De Beers’ “Diamonds are Forever” engagement ring advertisements starting in the post-war era of the 1940s. 

Today, the round cut diamond remains wildly popular among brides-to-be. 

5. It’s Easy to Find

Because it’s popular, the round cut diamond is easier to find than other diamond cuts.

However, not every round cut is the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

When choosing a round cut, you’re already at the top of the leader board in terms of selecting a high-quality diamond. As you shop, be sure to do your research about the color, clarity, cut, and carat of your specific diamond. 

Make a Brilliant Choice With a Round Brilliant Diamond

Each diamond is unique. Every diamond has its own set of qualities that determine it’s value and brilliance.

When you choose a round brilliant diamond, you’re making a brilliant choice for a ring that will represent your love or special occasion for as long as your heart desires. 

There’s a round cut diamond for just about any budget. Make sure your wedding plans include financial planning, too. Choose a diamond, wedding, and financial future that ensures many happy years to come.

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