As much as you may love where you live, it could be that you need to relocate – and San Diego is an increasingly popular option these days.  There are lots of job prospects, options for schools and more to offer.  Here we list some reasons as to why people are relocating to San Diego. 

The beautiful beaches

This may be a bit an obvious one, but the beaches in San Diego are amazing.  You can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, and they are great to visit all year round, as it is very rarely cold there.  You can also enjoy some watersports too if you are a bit of a thrill seeker such as snorkeling, kayaking and surfing.  This takes exercise to a whole new level. 

It has great education options

There are lots of fantastic universities at San Diego which is part of what makes it a popular choice for relocation.  You will find San Diego State University, University of San Diego, UC San Diego and more. They all have a large selection of graduate options to suit whatever kind, of course, is suitable – and of course, studying would be lots of fun when there is lots of sunshine and beach vibes to enjoy.  This makes it an increasingly popular choice for students to move to. 

It is known for innovation

San Diego is known for its innovation.  It is where you will find companies such as Illumina, Dexcom and others.  What’s even more impressive is worldwide companies that are renowned for their innovative approaches such as Amazon and Apple are also making homes there.  This means that there is an increasing number of jobs available there. There are companies such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK that makes moving from Arizona to San Diego for job purposes easier as they take away all of the hassles in clearing out your old place.

It’s central to a lot of other cool locations

The location of San Diego is also important.  Not only is there lots to offer there, but it has lots of surrounding locations that make it an attractive prospect.  You wouldn’t be far away from the likes of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico or Joshua Tree.  This centralized location is an advantage for anyone who is looking to make a big move somewhere. 

The arts and culture

People aren’t short of artistic things to enjoy in San Diego.  It is home to famous venues such as the House of Blues, The Old Globe, San Diego Museum of Art and many more museums.  There are also lots of historic monuments and towns that can be explored.  Make your way to the USS Midway, the Old Town – or the Cabrillo National Monument and you can get a culture fix. 

If you are thinking of relocating – or already have plans to move to San Diego for work or another reason, make sure you plan your move well in advance to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.