Throwing an office party does not have to be a boring task, as there are many ideas one can incorporate to make it a fun event for everyone within a reasonable budget. Below are ten different party ideas one can turn to to make their office party unforgettable.

Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t like a good mystery to solve? This is a great idea that is not only fun but builds team working skills and promotes problem-solving. Employees can have a great time attempting to solve a mystery while working together and enjoying great food from Stamford Catering Services.

Healthy Breakfast Party

Not all parties have to start at the end of the workday. Having a healthy breakfast party in the office allows employees to get their day started off right. A couple of options include providing healthy breakfast bowls or a coffee bar to get employees energized for the day.

Spirit Day

Spirit day is a great and affordable idea to spread comradery and a bit of competitiveness among employees because they are encouraged to dress in their favorite team gear. This can coincide with the start of the football or basketball season, and the day can end with a viewing party involving pizza, beer, and an award for the most spirited sports fan.

Office Olympics

Not all parties have to take place indoors. Office Olympics is a great way to get some exercise, work together, and have a ton of laughs at one another regarding everyone’s sports abilities. Getting out of the office from time to time is a great way to recharge.

Decades Party

Corporate parties don’t have to be the same every time. Costume parties combined with a decade of them are nostalgic and appealing to many people. To put one together, pick a decade, and the employees get to come to work dressed in fashions from the period, as well as listening and dancing to music from that period. For example, the 60s, 70s, and 80s are all very popular options to choose from.

Office Outing

There is nothing wrong with playing games and sharing some food as a group. Office outings are a great way for people to mingle outside of the office. There are many options to this idea, including bowling, arcades, ax throwing, and so much more.


Food is a great way to get people together and raise spirits. Having a potluck is not only a great idea, but it does not cost a thing. Employees can cook their favorite dishes to enjoy with their co-workers. To make things more interesting, prizes can be a part of the potluck so that employees who participate can win various gift cards to use at a later date.

Office Awards Banquet

Throwing a silly office awards banquet allows employees to laugh at one another while celebrating good qualities employees have that contribute to their work ethic. Include numerous awards, that are both silly and meaningful. Once the categories are set, make certificates and trophies to hand out.

Food Trucks

For a larger office party, hire a couple of food trucks to come to your employees to offer them amazing food options right outside the office. This is a great way to award employees for their hard work. Also, food trucks are very popular, and many people enjoy trying the various food options they provide.

Outdoor Movie Night

With warmer weather, an outdoor movie night is a great way to get employees and their families together. With a great movie on the screen, food, and drinks, employees can socialize outside of the workplace.

These are only a few of the many office party ideas available. It is important to keep in mind that it does not take much money to show employees you value them. A little bit of thinking outside the box goes a long way.