Frequent smoke breaks could be affecting your office’s work ethic. Here’s why vaping might be the answer to improving workplace productivity.

Looking for a great way to up your workplace productivity? If your office employs smokers, you may be shocked to learn just how much of their time is going up in smoke.

Smokers who take smoke breaks on the job take a staggering amount of time lighting up which on the clock. In fact, the average smoker’s ‘smoke breaks’ can compute into 6 days of time off while on the job.

Read on to learn about how you can curtail this loss and get the level of efficiency your office needs!

What’s the Alternative?

Vaping can be a great alternative to smoking and not just because of the purported health benefits. Vaping can give the workers you employ the nicotine they need without needing to ‘take it outside’.

This is because vaping doesn’t cause the environmental damage that traditional smoking does. Because smoking in a company owned van or truck is traditionally frowned upon, this means that your delivery drivers don’t have to get off the road to take their smoke break.

If your office has a well-ventilated area, you could even allow employees to vape indoors. In addition to eliminating smoke breaks, you’ll cut down on time you lose as your employees leave the office. This is especially so for those who may have to wait for an elevator or walk a long distance to a designated smoking area.

Because vaping doesn’t require any specific length of time required, vape breaks can be shorter. You’ll cut down on extra phone time too, as employees will be less likely to fall into the vortex of social media while meandering back toward the office.

How to Introduce Smoking Alternatives for Workplace Productivity

If you’re interested in encouraging your employees to put down the cigarettes and embrace a more efficient alternative, you’ll need to make some announcements.

Let workers know where they can smoke. If you’re a small business with good ventilation, you may be able to let your smoking employees vape in the break room or in a well-ventilated area.

If this isn’t an option, do your due diligence to find out where the closest permittable vaping area may be. This can be added to your office announcements to help discourage long walks to a designated smoking area.

Offering incentives can help encourage people to make the switch. Concert tickets, perhaps?

If your employees aren’t already familiar with what’s on the market, let them know just how many customizable options are available. From delicious juices that taste like their favorite flavor to premium vaping devices with features like the 18650 battery. There’s something to suit every smoker’s palette. 

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