Baby Boomers show great flexibility when it comes to where they choose to live. The researchers at RENTCafé.com are right on their heels with their latest study, where they identified the ZIP codes most popular with Baby Boomers.

The RENTCafe study covers three main areas, based on which researchers rank ZIP codes from the largest US cities: total Baby Boomer population, increase in the number of Baby Boomers between 2012-2017, and increase in the share of Baby Boomers. As expected, Arizona performs well across the board. Here are the highlights:

• ZIPs with the largest Baby Boomer Population. Glendale’s 85308 ranks 16 out of 20 nationally, with over 14,000 senior inhabitants. And considering that New York absolutely dominates this ranking, Arizona entering the top 20 is a surprising feat.

• ZIPs with the highest Boomer population increases. Areas in and around Phoenix still hold a lot of appeal with seniors. Mesa’s 85212 is third nationally due to a 66% rise in its Baby Boomer population. If we look strictly at numerical values, this zip code comes in first, as it effectively added 1,586 more people between the ages of 55 and 75.

• Phoenix ZIP codes 85085 and 85012 also make the top, as the number of seniors here went up by 46% and 38% respectively. During the same period, Gilbert’s 85298 has seen a 40% spike, translating to over 3,900 new locals.

• ZIPs with the largest share of Baby Boomers. Scottsdale’s ZIP code 85266 boasts the highest share of Baby Boomers nationally, at 35%. But it is Tucson that truly shines in this category, with no fewer than 4 ZIP codes with a high share of seniors in the top 20.