Beginner’s guide for buying a motorcycle

Consumer news | 15 Jan |

A few decades ago, there were two different kinds of motorbikes: street or dirt. In recent years, many different versions have been introduced. If you can’t figure out what kind of a bike would be suitable for your needs, ask yourself why you need a bike. Is it for the commute? New hobby? Long-distance travel? Other? If you are unsure or want to know your options, here are some of the main types of motorcycles:

Sport Bike

The fastest motorcycles are called sport bikes. They are used by racers or people that love the thrill of going at insane speeds. A quicker and more extensive version of these motorcycles would be the hyper bike. They are not the best choice for beginners, but if you love speed and must go for one of these bad boys, then try a sport bike lite.


As the name suggests, these bikes are great for cruising on the streets. These powerful but low-laying machines are fantastic for someone that wants something stylish and easy to handle at low speeds. These motorcycles won’t win you any races, unless you go for a power cruiser. You can get these and many other motorbikes from the American Motorcycle Trading Company.


If you want a motorbike for traveling long distances, something that provides extreme comfort and storage space, then look no further. Dresser  are among the best touring bikes you can get. Many of these include features that are generally found in cars: amazing audio systems, navigation, heated seats, electronic suspension, and ABS brakes.

Dual Sport

Dual sport bikes can be used for a wide range of purposes. They are lightweight, thin, easy to handle, and have high mileage, all of these make them great for off-road riding, long-distance traveling, and commuting in a city. A dual-sport can be excellent for a beginner, no matter the reason they want to use it for. However, their height makes them more suitable for taller people.


Back in the ‘70s, street motorbikes were all more or less the same. They had similar features and were labeled as Universal Japanese Motorcycles or UJMs. They are difficult to find nowadays, but not impossible in the used markets. You can easily commute with them, gear them up for longer trips, or take them to the tracks for some high-speed fun. They are great for first-timers.

Dirt Bike

If you want to get into biking but the streets are too unsafe, then dirt bikes can be used to ride on off-road sites. They are incredibly lightweight and have lengthy suspensions. There is a large variety of dirt bikes for different ages and power.  They can make a family camping trip much more fun. You will require a truck to transport them to the site, however, because they aren’t legal on the roads.

Electric Bike

If you live in the city and don’t plan on taking your bike on long trips, electric motorcycles are perfect. They are quiet, smooth, and some have a great deal of power. They can be more expensive than a gas-powered motorbike of similar features, but they don’t require any tune-ups. The features that make these great for beginners is that they don’t have gears, and are a comfortable ride.


Many bike riders still prefer the older models. These are mostly bikes from the pre-war, post-WWII, the ‘70s, or a similar time period. Japanese bikes that are around the 20 year mark can also be considered vintage. They can be complicated to maintain, and parts can be almost impossible to find, but you should go for it if you love these old-timers. 

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