Growing Cannabis from seeds for people who are interested in doing this at home is a new thing for many people. We recognize that. It’s also worth pointing out that the law is changing rapidly around the topic of Cannabis, with many countries now moving to legalize some, if not all, aspects of growing or possessing it. You can find the best strains for cannabis seeds on Zamnesia, which is renowned for its quality and helpful grow tips. Ensure it’s legal for you in your country before proceeding. That’s solely your responsibility and yours alone. 

In Arizona, regulations don’t make cannabis cultivation easy or accessible for most residents of the state.  According to the law, “a qualifying patient or the qualifying patient’s caregiver may be allowed to grow marijuana only if a dispensary is not operating within 25 miles of the qualifying patient’s home.” To learn more about what it takes to grow cannabis legally in Arizona, click here.

With that out of the way, what we’re aiming to do here is provide useful information about growing Cannabis from the seeds. So, let’s get started!

It Starts with the Seeds

It starts with the marijuana seeds. It’s the basis of everything. It can be confusing when first looking at the seeds because there’s not just one type; they come in a variety of strains. Even professional growers who have been successfully growing from marijuana seeds for decades find the range of seeds confusing.

There are different strains of cannabis and hybrid strains that come along and get popular too. Each strain offers something a little different. One might be more potent whereas the other might be milder and more relaxing. If you want to get a selection of seeds, you can visit Seed Supreme’s Pick ‘N’ Mix page where you choose from over 200 different seeds. For an added bonus, you get some free cannabis seeds as you spend more on their site. 

Acquiring Growing Skills and Strain Selection

The skills required to be a grower vary depending on what cannabis strains you’re interested in growing. There are books and video courses to learn how to grow professionally, but even as an amateur, we’d recommend buying some of those to fill in the gaps of knowledge. That way, you won’t make a mistake and ruin your first crop right out of the gate.

One of the key skills is to be able to pick the right strain for you to grow. Some basic strains grow on their own with little additional TLC required to get them to complete their growth cycle. Others are far more high maintenance and when not tending to their particular needs, they tend to not survive. 

It’s very important that a beginner picks a strain to learn about growing in general and not necessarily the most popular one right now. Get the groundwork done first, learn as you go, and then branch out to some more esoteric or hybrid strains that are finickity about how they’re grown and what their needs are.

Going the Auto-Flower Route

The auto-flower seems ideal for a beginning grower. They flower automatically without needing something extra to do so. They are already feminized, which is a good thing (which we go into later), and they’re affordable. As pot seeds go, they’re hard to go wrong with as starter seeds. They also grow quicker under the right set of circumstances too.

With these auto-flowing seeds, the lighting for them does not need to run on a set cycle or the plant will die. Because of that, it avoids the complication of setting up a series of LED grow lights in a very controlled manner on a set schedule. However, with the simplicity of using auto-flowering seeds, the downside is a lower yield. Nevertheless, we recommend them because they’re compact plants and ideal for beginner growers to learn from and still enjoy. 

Sativa or Indica? Which Strain is Right?

Two of the popular strains are Sativa and Indica. They’re seen often and talked up, so it’s worth mentioning them here.

The Indica strain is known to provide an all-over relaxed state. It doesn’t see you as the energizer bunny. It’s the totally chilled stage with deep trance music playing in the background.

The Sativa strain, on the other hand, is full of energy. It’s totally different.

They’re two different strains from different seeds. The Sativa seeds take longer to develop and are sensitive to growing conditions. The Indica strain grows faster than Sativa and is easier to manage. 

Also, bear in mind that with mixed hybrids – a bit of each strain – they’re more sensitive and harder to grow successfully.

Getting Feminized or Sticking to Regular

Feminized seeds are ones that will be female only. The male ones tend to contaminate a crop and prevent it from providing any cannabis. Therefore, the feminized seeds are intended to remove the problem of contamination between male and female seeds. 

Another benefit of feminized seeds is that they tend to grow more reliably. When planting 20 seeds, you often get 20 females fully grown at the end of the growth cycle. Veering away from feminized seeds is always risky. 

An Indoor or Outdoor Growing Adventure

Do you wish to grow indoors or strictly outdoors? Depending on where you live and the applicable laws, this may give you the answer. Otherwise, consider the usual seasonable weather conditions and whether the climate is suitable. When growing conditions are ideal, the size and yield of each plant when grown outdoors is likely to be far better.

When conditions are unpredictable, indoor growing is your only option. It may restrict how much you can grow, but it will provide more certainty. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you.

How Potent is Too Potent?

It’s not true that a strain with a higher potency is harder to grow. If you prefer a strain that has a THC level of 15 percent rather than 20 or 25 percent, then growing a higher potency strain is a waste of time. Just as long as you set the growth conditions up correctly to suit the strain, then you’re likely to find some success there. 

Your best move is probably to match the type of potency you prefer with the easiest seed to grow well. Then with the seed types that remain in the list, pick the one you prefer from it. That way, you always get something that’s potent enough, most likely to produce a good yield, and will satisfy you.

Growing your own instead of buying your own might have some appeal. Just make sure you do not run afoul of the law when doing so.