Counseling misconceptions and the truth behind them 

Lifestyle | 10 Oct, 2019 |

Many people hesitate to seek help from a counselor because of their preconceived notion about the process. They think it’s not going to help them get better. These are the common misconceptions people have about counseling and the truth behind them.

Counselors share information 

Regardless of the nature of the information which you decide to share, it’s going to be safe. Your counselor won’t share it with anyone. You will feel glad that you have someone to share your problems with and not worry that it will eventually leak.

Counseling is a tough process

Yes, you will receive hard questions. Some suggestions on your path to recovery might also be difficult. It doesn’t mean you will rush to do all of them. You can also decline if you’re not yet ready. Your counselor will wait until you feel comfortable to deal with the difficult parts.

You are crazy if you seek a mental health expert’s help 

The primary reason why many people hesitate to ask for help is that they fear ridicule. They don’t want to get branded as someone with a mental health condition. Before you worry about it, you need to focus on getting better. You don’t necessarily have a brain function problem just because you go to therapy. It means that you want to heal, and the help extended by counselors will benefit you. 

You will take lots of medicines

You won’t necessarily receive a prescription for mental health problems. It will only happen in some cases when the medicine is the only way to clear your thought process; otherwise, a session with the counselor should be enough. You discuss what you feel and respond to the questions.

You will feel awkward 

At first, you might feel that way. However, your counselor will give you the chance to do whatever makes you feel comfortable while you have the session. You can lie on the sofa if you want. You can also bring your favorite blanket from home. You can have anything that makes you feel comfortable. Your counselor will not prevent you from doing these things as long as they help you open up and process your emotions.

You will be better after a few sessions

Never set a timeline while you seek help. You might get frustrated if you do so. Give yourself enough time to heal. The road to recovery doesn’t have a deadline. Therefore, you don’t need to feel terrible if you still feel emotional pain after a few sessions. Not everyone heals at the same pace since not everyone goes through the same path. 

Now that you know the truth behind these misconceptions, it’s time for you to ask for help. Check out Therapy Hinsdale and set an appointment. Try it first and see where it goes. You can always cancel your succeeding sessions if you feel it’s not the right path for you. With the right person doing the job, healing will soon happen. 

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