When it comes to wearing bathrobes, we all know that this is the best comforts that we have at home. Plush robes have evolved ever since from just being a toilet garment into something that gives you a luxurious feeling. Bathrobes are one of our personal items where both necessity and luxury blends very well. We all know that a great robe is one that will help you stay warm and cozy, it covers you up and helps you to get going with your morning routine.

At present, those spa and hotel plush robes that you are obsessing to take your hands on can now be bought anywhere. But of course, before you go hoarding up on those robes, you must first make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

What to Consider When Buying Plush Robes

Because we know that bathrobes are not created equal, you should consider a few items first when you buy bathrobes. And because of this, you must be patient enough when it comes to research what are the right plush robes for you. There is a wide array of bathrobes for you to choose from, such as the variety of design, the thickness, or the different materials that are being used such as the terry and the waffle weave.

The following are some helpful suggestion on how to look for a bathrobe that will fit you best, and more importantly also fit your budget –

What kind of fabric do you prefer to have?

The choice of fabric for your bathrobe is very important because it will affect your intent of the use for the robe and as to how it will make you feel when you are wearing the bathrobe. The best fabrics are the terry cloth and the waffle weaves.

A terrycloth robe is a kind that is both thick and plush, and on the other hand, the waffle weave is lighter and thinner. But, for the cotton fabric, there are also the low, medium and high-grade cotton fabrics, and you should know that these cotton robes are best used for bathing because it is very absorbent. The waffle weave, on the one hand, is the most popular option when it comes to spa robes. The waffle weave is also the best option for covering up because of its lightness and it is not really warm.

The fabric that is being used for the robe is also one way of how you can determine its quality.

What style of bathrobe do you prefer?

There is already a wide array of bathrobe styles that are available and some of it includes the Kimono and the shawl-collared robes. The shawl collar robe is one that usually closes at the neck, and, this is as if you are wrapping a shawl around you. These shawl collar robes will help you to get that maximum warmness and ease.

On the other hand, Kimono robes offer a more traditionally tailored fit with wrist-length sleeves and a streamlined flat collar. This type of robe is very popular as spa robes because it has a sleek-fitted look and lightweight comfort.

The hooded robes, on the other hand, are for people who prefer more heat. Hooded robes are also a better option when used to pull over wet hair after taking a bath or swimming. The hooded robe is also going to provide extra warmth around the neck and the head area.

More specifically, the following are some of the most popular women’s robes:

For the best classic robe: The Frette Milano Terry Bathrobe

Basically, Frette is more of a textile company but would be more accurate to call it a luxury company. The company was founded in France in the 1800s, and they are currently operating out of Italy. Frette is now currently manufacturing luxury sheets, towels, and of course, bathrobes. The Frette robes are the kind of soft, oversized robes that will envelop you.

For the best organic robe – Coyuchi Relaxed Linen Robe

This was founded in Pursoma, which a line of elegant bath soaks, Shannon Vaughn has been one of the front runners of the bath-evangelist movement. She has always pondered it as the most sacred part of the day. Vaughn is adding women’s robes to her product line. Right now, she is a fan of the heavyweight washed-linen robe from the Northern California-based brand called Coyuchi who is also manufacturing organic sheets.

For the best light-weight Kimono Robe

The Agatinia Kimono Robe

If you question any professional, it is likely that they will talk your war off about bamboo cotton fiber wherein it is a relatively new textile that asserts moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating properties.

These two qualities will surely become handy if you are planning to use your robe in a steam or sauna, or for just a few days between laundry cycles.

The Cariloha Ultra-Plush Bamboo Robe

This has currently been making quite a buzz when it comes to this bamboo robe. They have been making plush and thicker robes out of bamboo. The brand is also going to make sheets and T-shirts and other homewares, also, the Caliroha will make you feel like it’s the most comfortable way to wear bamboo.

For the best robe with a hood

The Hanro Terry Long Hooded Robe

Hanro is an old Swiss company which us more famous for its second-skin underwear. Furthermore, Hanro also creates butter-soft bathrobes that are made out of the cotton-poly blend.

They also make classic women’s robe style with shawl collars instead of the hood.

For the best robes from start-ups

The Parachute Classic Bathrobe

You should know that Parachute’s plush mattress topper has been admired by many people. Parachute is also a bedding company who also manufactured bathrobes from Turkish cotton that has Oeko-Tex certification.

These points are merely a suggestion to guide you in finding what you want in a bathrobe. There are also other designs, textures, and other specifications if you think that you will still need some more options. For as long as it fits you perfectly and gives you the right feeling when you wear your robe on, the choice is limitless.