GolfLogix, the most downloaded app in golf, is introducing its innovative Putt Breaks feature, bringing an entirely new level of advanced 3D mapping that allows golfers to see exactly how their putts will break. With Putt Breaks, GolfLogix continues to change the way amateur golfers play golf. With one touch, Putt Breaks instantly provides a precise green read in full-color 3D, with detailed maps that auto-orient based on the golfer’s position.

“When you see professionals on TV get to the green, they take a notepad out of their back pocket that tells them the contours of the green and how their putt will break,” says Howard Milstein, Chairman of GolfLogix. “Now for the first time amateur players can get the same info on their phone—if you want to putt like the pros, you need to start with the same information the pros have. It’s also vital information for approach shots and chips. It answers the question, ‘Where do I want to land my ball?'”

Putt Breaks gives users a bird’s-eye view of the green’s contours with the ability to zoom and pan to better understand the green. Golfers can easily plan their approach, chart out chip shots, and determine how their putts will break on every green at more than 8,000 courses and counting.

“Putt Breaks is intuitive and immediately gives users an accurate read down to the centimeter,” says Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “You can’t put a price on the confidence you feel when you’re standing behind the ball and know exactly how the putt will break. It’s truly revolutionary and one of the biggest advancements in on-course technology in years.”