September 27, 2020

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Here are 10 of the most naked TV shows

It’s almost that time. The kids are going to be out of school for their holiday break. They might be getting new phones, tablets, TVs or other devices that give them access to every streaming service and website in the world. There is a lot of naked TV shows out there that you may not want impressionable eyes to see. Or maybe you want to watch them yourself.

Whatever your intent, here is a list of 10 of the most naked TV shows out there, in alphabetical order. You can either avoid them or embrace them. Some of these naked TV shows even have Arizona connections.

“Buying Naked”

Remember when we thought of TLC as The Learning Channel? These days, TLC’s “Buying Naked” follows real estate agent Jackie Youngblood through Pasco County, Florida, home to one of the largest nudist communities. Youngblood has the market cornered in the nudist colony and helps clients — who are baring all — find their dream home. TLC also launched another naked TV show, “Undressed,” which requires contestants to spend half an hour in bed together in only their underwear before deciding if they want to continue the date.

“Embarrassing Bodies”

This might be the MOST naked TV show on the airwaves, but it’s not always the kind of naked you want to see. Netflix has this British docuseries that follow doctors who help people with all sorts of medical issues that may be otherwise deemed “embarrassing.” While there are a lot of naked bodies, it can be super graphic. So you’re not going to want to watch this one over dinner … or if you EVER want to look at your significant other the same way again.


Hulu gets in on the fun with a series that is directed only by women and boasts an all-female writing and producing team who promise as much male nudity as female nudity. The show about 18th century London sex workers has proven itself as one of the few shows on television to master feminist sex scenes, with nudity used only to serve a purpose in the story.

“Game of Thrones”

While the most recent season of “Game of Thrones: actually featured less nudity than any of the six previous seasons, it seemed for a while that HBO had an “everybody gets naked” policy. “Game of Thrones” has been such a boundary-pushing TV show, critics coined the term “sexposition” in response to the gratuitous sex and nudity in the show’s first season.

Arizona resident Giovanna Horning has appeared on “Naked and Afraid.”

“Naked and Afraid”

Here’s how mainstream nudity on TV has become: “Naked and Afraid” — pixellated butts and all — has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and earned a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Unstructured Reality Series. Never seen this show: Think “Survivor” with no food, no fire, no water, no clothes and no one has immunity from beingpixellated.

“Naked Attraction”

This British dating game show follows a clothed person who picks two contestants from six naked people, whose bodies and then faces are revealed in stages from the feet up. The person deciding then appears nude to select one of them for a fully clothed date. The couples then offer their feedback after the date. There was also a similar American show called “Dating Naked” that aired on VH1 for three seasons.


From kinky foreplay to consensual rough play, this skin-sational Starz series, which is based on the books by Scottsdale author Diana Gabaldon, is as hot as they come. But what makes “Outlander” different is that its sex scenes don’t just serve to titillate, they’re always purposeful and move the story forward. But they’re still as hot as they come.


You know what you’re getting when the opening credits reveal people using the bathroom in various stages of undress. This is easily the least family-friendly show about a family to ever make it onto TV. The most positive aspect of “Shameless,” though, is that it is equal-opportunity nakedness. Men, women, straight, gay, young, old — they’re all naked at some point.

“Skin Wars”

Artists have always been inspired by the human body and “Skin Wars” lets artists use the human body as a canvas. This show, hosted by Rebecca Romijn, sees the best body artists in the business getting together in Hollywood to compete for a $100,000 prize. Warning: This show gets way more intimate than having your face painted before a Cardinals game.


Does it count as nudity when the character is supposed to be a robot? Fans of “Westworld” don’t care. This show pulls no punches. Full-frontal nudity, group-sex scenes and robot necrophilia are all places this series has been willing to go. But the show’s co-creators say they make sure that the amount of nudity is equal between the men and women in the cast.