October is one of the most popular months to get married in Arizona. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and while wedding formats have changed a lot over the years, there are still a few things that have not.

Here are a few things to remember to help make the big day smooth and special for everyone.

Communication is Key

Don’t RSVP yes if you do not plan to attend. If you are unsure and need a little more time, let the couple know. Sending an empty yes can cause major problems when it comes to accurate headcounts.

Along those lines, send your RSVP back in a timely manner or at least by the RSVP date listed.

For the bride and groom, give guests ample time for guests to reply – at least two to three weeks. If a response card is included with the invitation, provide a stamped envelope for guests to easily mail back.

Timing and Ceremony

A lot of planning and organizing has gone into the ceremony, so as a guest be sure to arrive on time. It’s only polite. And don’t skip the “I dos!” and only come to the reception. Your presence is requested for the full event, unless you are specifically invited to the reception only.

For the bride and groom, don’t keep your guests waiting too long. Keep the party moving. It is recommended not to leave guests sitting anywhere for longer than 45 minutes.

Being Mobile

Today, phones are a huge part of our lives and many of us are active on social media. When it comes to posting photos of the bridal couple, ceremony or party, if there is any doubt, ask! Posting on a social media outlet can broadcast a private event when the couple may not wish to share or would like to be the first to post. If a couple has created a special hashtag or encouraged guests to post photos, then do so. Otherwise, be cautious about sharing. 


The question of how much to spend on a wedding gift is a common one. There are a few things to consider: your personal budget, what you can afford and your relationship with the bride or groom. It is not necessary to give a gift that covers the estimated cost of dinner but rather give something that you feel comfortable with and think the couple will enjoy.

Another common question is “do I need to buy a gift off the registry?” If the couple has created a registry, then it is certain these are the items they will like. 

The couple should also say thank you! A handwritten note is especially nice. Sending thank yous as soon as possible after the wedding is encouraged, but a three-month timeline is reasonable.

Ultimately, weddings are about sharing in the couples love and spending time with family and friends. Guidelines can help make the planning and day-of a smoother one.


Tesha Taylor is director of operations at because Event Space, a world-class boutique event space with more than 15,000 square feet of breathtaking meeting and event space, a variety of world-class catering options, and is centrally located in the heart of Phoenix. because offers a variety of amenities and areas for private events and donates 10 percent of what clients spend on each event to local charities. For more information visit www.because.care.