At least 10% of the US population is moving to a new home every year. Imagine how many of those regretted hiring cheap moving companies because they ruined their new-home excitement.

Now, think about how easy it could be to make the adventure of moving to a new home a happy milestone event. It’s straightforward: hiring quality movers who care about your belongings removes the stress and helps you focus on the positive moments.

Here’s how to avoid hiring movers that may create more headaches for you and make sure your movers help start the next step in your life with a calm and professional attitude.

Should I Hire a Self-Drive?

The risks of a self-move, such as injuring yourself carrying bulky items or driving an unfamiliar vehicle, often outweigh the additional cost of hiring movers.

The pros know exactly how to stack items on the truck to maximize space efficiency and keep everything safe. You can also save your energy to unpack your boxes at your new home, as they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

Questions to Find Quality Movers You Can Trust

You need to know the moving team you want to hire will manage your move with care and professionalism. Ask these questions to make sure they’re the right company for you.

1. Will You Provide a Full Inventory?

Make sure the moving team you want to hire is happy to provide an itemized inventory.

Any movers who refuse to provide itemized paperwork for your full inventory is not a good option to choose, and things may go ‘missing’ during the move. You need to know exactly what is loaded onto the van – and unloaded at the other end.

2. What’s Your Insurance Cover?

Accidents happen – make sure you are covered for them.

Ask to see evidence of the insurance cover the moving company says they’ll provide. You’ll need to ensure the policy covers accidental damage during transport – and that the total cover would pay for the cost of your belongings.

3. Will You Conduct an In-Home Survey?

Ask your movers to visit your home for an accurate estimate. They’ll walk around your home with you to list the items you want to move. If there are any special items, such as a piano, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss extra fees.

An in-home survey means you’ll get an accurate quote – and the movers can determine whether they’re equipped to handle your job.

4. What Vehicles Do You Use?

Find out which vehicles the moving team uses. A company like Browning Moving & Storage, for example, offers local and international moving services – meaning they’re fully equipped with a fleet to handle anything.

Other moving companies may only have small vans or large trucks, either of which may not be suitable for your move.

5. Are You Fully Licensed?

Check that your movers are fully licensed with the US Department of Transport.

An unlicensed company isn’t allowed by law to move your stuff – which means your belongings aren’t insured. Worse, they could simply drive off with your stuff and never return!

More Tips to Set up Your New Home in Style

Finding quality movers is just one step in the long process of moving home and setting up a new house. From finding your new property to settling in and decorating, there’s so much to do.

Check out our real estate section for more moving home tips – and interior design ideas to try out in your new house!