July 3, 2019

AZ Big Media

How to be a lucky person in 4 steps

Is there any truth to the belief that there are lucky and unlucky people? Sometimes, it seems that there is. Movie stars who were ‘spotted’ by talent agents at a young age, colleagues who seem to receive promotion after promotion or friends who always seem to reach their goals while we flounder behind. Many of us believe that we sit on the unlucky end of the scale as we watch people around us encounter better fortune through no fault of ours or skills of theirs. But is this really the case? The answer, of course, is no. There is no such thing as a lucky or unlucky person; luck is a frame of mind which is built on curiosity, motivation, and positivity.

If you’re one of the many people who feel they are always out of luck, try following these 4 simple steps to see if you can turn your fortunes around.

1. Replace Pride with Humility

In our efforts to secure a new opportunity or to push ourselves to the front, sometimes we can forget about others or are guilty of using them to our advantage. It’s true that there are some areas of life where a competitive edge and ambition are key, but in focusing on yourself you may be missing ways in which you can be of help to others. Adopt a more open and compassionate approach to your relationships – both personal and professional – and you will see it reflected back at you from others. This is where new relationships, experiences  and opportunities are born.

2. Silence Your Own Negative Thoughts

All too often, it is our own thoughts and beliefs which prevent us from taking risks. This is a natural response in many ways; as humans, we are biologically programmed to fear the unknown and talk ourselves out of experiences which could be negative. The problem with this is that our thoughts can begin to control our actions when there may plenty of reasons to take the risk. Try to separate your negative thoughts from your innate sense of self and push through uncertainty and insecurity.

3. Be Open to New Experiences

If we believe we are unlucky, why would we even try to succeed? This is the big obstacle facing us when we allow our false perceptions of luck to hold us back. Many people will not compete or take on challenges for the simple belief that they are bound to fail. It is this fear of failure, which prevents us from trying new experiences or means that we put off key life decisions in case they are the wrong decisions. A simple example of this is the difference between a person who will bet on the lottery and a person who doesn’t because they are unlikely to win; only one of these people will ever be lucky. We make real progress in life when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones and make room for the unknown.

4. Pay Attention to the World Around You

‘Lucky’ people are often those who are more deeply connected to others and are more reflective in their views of the world. They learn from their experiences and relationships in and build up a greater level of self-awareness as a result. By taking the time to look at the world in creative ways, they tend to be more engaged and grateful for what they experience.