It’s still hot: 6 ways to stay cool moving into fall

Lifestyle | 15 Sep, 2019 |

It’s almost officially fall, but it’s still hot! If the usual tricks to stay cool aren’t cutting it, here are some creative ways to beat the heat:

1. Be open to ideas that sound silly

There are endless ways to stay cool during the night, but you’ve probably never thought about freezing your sheets before bed. Just an hour or two in the freezer (in a large plastic bag) is enough to take the edge off the heat when you climb into bed. It sounds silly, but it works. You can also freeze your socks and a bandana to wear around your head or neck. 

Another idea that seems silly is actually pretty genius. You’ve probably seen ads for a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner hose going underneath sheets with the base unit next to the bed. There are several variations of this device, but they’re all designed to maintain a specific temperature underneath your sheets. 

Bed sheet cooling systems come with a remote control so you can control the basic functions without getting out of bed. Some have extra features you can access with a smartphone app. 

The main units are usually small enough to fit underneath a bed with at least 7” of space. Even though we’re headed toward winter, it’s still worth the purchase. These cooling devices can blow warm air under your sheets in the winter to keep you warm.

2. Get a double-sided duvet for your weighted blanket

If you can’t sleep without a weighted blanket, the heat is your biggest enemy. However, a double-sided duvet cover will be your best friend. Double-sided duvets come in a variety of options, so look for one that has a cool side and a warm side. You can get a duvet with micro fleece on one side and cool cotton or bamboo on the other. You’ll be set for any temperature.

You can also get a weighted blanket specifically made to stay cool. It depends on which brand you prefer. If you invest in a high-quality weighted blanket and don’t like the cover, you can always get a duvet.

Another idea is to get a lighter weighted blanket that might feel a bit cooler. It’s not easy sleeping in the heat when you rely on a weighted blanket, but if you get desperate, you can always freeze your duvet cover with your sheets.

3. Get a cooling mat made for dogs

Instead of trying to put cold wash cloths all over your body, get a cooling mat made for dogs. It’s basically a cooling insert protected by a slip cover. Get one made for a large breed and sleep on it. If one part of your body is warmer than another, move it around. You might need to cover it with an extra sheet or towel if it’s too cold, but you’ll quickly find the sweet spot.

Unlike your canine companions, you (hopefully) aren’t going to chew on the pad so you don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals leaking out of the gel packs. With that in mind, you’ll have a larger selection of cooling pads to choose from. Some pads are pressure-activated while others just use a frozen gel pack insert.

When temperatures rise, it’s crucial to do everything possible to maintain a cool body temperature. Becoming overheated can turn into a medical emergency.

4. Cool off with ice behind your knees right before bed

Melting a little bit of ice behind your knees will go a long way to cool you off. While you’re at it, melt a little behind your neck, your inner elbows, and your feet.

If you’ve got long hair, dampen your hair before you sleep and tie it up to keep your neck exposed to the cool air.

5. Wear cooling clothes to bed

There are clothes designed to cool you down, but be careful which items you buy. The Undershirt Guy says most of these products are gimmicks but the thermo-electric cooling clothes powered by rechargeable batteries are excellent. There are vests, bracelets, and hats all made with this technology.

6. Point a turbo fan toward the ceiling

If you can sleep with the sound of a turbo fan, this will be a life saver. Put a turbo fan in the corner of your room and point it upward toward the ceiling above your bed. The fan will blow the hot air around you up to the ceiling and keep your sleeping area from becoming a swamp. 

Cooler weather is just around the corner

Waiting for cooler weather is easier said than done, but winter will be here soon enough and you can tuck away these tips until next year.

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