To drive your vehicle or to ship it is the question that comes to probably everyone’s mind while making a move. It is already prominent that both of these options have their pros and cons.

Shipping your vehicle saves it from wear and tear and also its mileage. One may also say that it helps you save gas but on the other hand, it adds shipping cost and also hinders you from having a road trip adventure.

The car shipping experts at with state that shipping would require you to share certain information like if your vehicle is modified or not, its condition, etc. Also, it must have a minimum of 4” ground clearance whereas being on the road alone or with your loved ones is always a good idea as it marks a small break from all the hustle in life.

However, if you are confused about choosing the right alternative for you then you might as well have to consider the present condition of your vehicle. If it requires any repairs or the cost of driving it will be more viable than shipping it or no needs to be taken into account.

While comparing the options of shipping a vehicle or driving it, multiple factors play a role:

1. Comparing costs on the basis of distance- Both cost of driving as well as the cost of shipping increase with distance. One needs to make a sound decision after doing their research and cost-benefit analysis of which option proves to be more economical. It is also important to be mindful of the fact these costs are subject to fluctuation because of varied factors like season, demand, gas prices, etc. Moreover, there is a very important fact that driving excruciating long distance can be very tiresome and annoying.

2. Time in hand – If you need to expedite the process of reaching the destination then undoubtedly you should ship your vehicle if budget is not a constraint. It is often noticed that people tend to take a lot of food breaks or choose to stay in motels sporadically especially if traveling with family. Hence, shipping often happens to be the quicker option.

3. Safety – When driving across the country with or without family, safety always turns up to be a big matter of concern. Long distances and mostly unknown roads bring along a lot of uncertainties that cannot be overlooked. Hence, one must consider their options being mindful of who they are going to travel with.

4. Insurance – To ensure the long-term security of your vehicle, you need to confirm and take advice from the company your vehicle is insured with. It is important to have your vehicle insured to rule out any miscellaneous expenses that you might have to pay in case of an unfortunate mishap. Also talking to any insurance agent of the issuing company would also help you as they might guide you with any formalities that might be required to fulfill with the transport authority or the insurance company.

5. Condition – The actual condition of the vehicle on which you are planning to move across the country is very important. Your car should be fit enough to handle some extra weight in the form of extra luggage. The car should have sufficient ground clearance that is a minimum of 4 inches. The car should be inspected by an experienced mechanic so that he can tell either the car is fit to travel a long distance or not also it should not break down during the route as you may find it very difficult to get it fixed.

6. Modifications – It is recommended to avoid highly modified vehicles when traveling across borders. Security officials might find it suspicious of any illegal activity and if allowed they might spend a lot of inspecting it. Small modifications are normal but cars that are fully redesigned or re-tailored from original specs would have to face a lot of hardship to get the allowance.

7. Documents – One of the most important things required while moving across the country in your own car is having appropriate paperwork. You would require all the documents that are needed to prove that the car is owned by you. Also, the owner of the car must be available there when passing the border failing to which you might not be allowed to move across. The presence of all the documents would also be required for the fresh registration of your car that you would have to apply for in the new country.

8. No Criminal Record – It is necessary that the vehicle in which you are crossing doesn’t have any pending criminal record against it. If found with driving a vehicle with a pending criminal record, you might end up in a serious issue. Even any due parking ticket or fine should be cleared off because the officials might verify the details of the car with your previous country officials.

There is a lot of information that you need to process through when making the decision of moving your vehicle out of state. If you are confused between driving it and shipping it with an auto shipping company, we hope this article will help you out.