Sometimes you just need to print something as soon as possible. In cases like this, you are grateful that you got a home printer. There’s a tight competition between big names in the industry – HP, Canon, Epson and some others are trying to get their prices as low as possible. Nowadays, you can go to your local store and get a printer, and it won’t cost you more than $60. 

You need to make sure that you have seen all the options before you settle for one. We’re here to give you a quick guide into buying your new printer. If you want to know more about refurbished Ricoh printers, you came to the right place.

Laser or inkjet: which one should I choose?

You choose this one on the base of how much you’re going to print. Inkjet printers can print anything, from essays to glossy photos. 

Laser prints are very good for offices, especially if most of your printing is monochrome. They can be bought at a good price; the print speed is very good and, in many cases, it offers printed pages at a lower cost, if we are to compare it with inkjet printers. 

Make sure you know if you need a monochrome printer or one that you want to offer colors. 

Truth be told, in the past, laser printers have given to us a much bigger page yield for every cartridge than the inkjet printer did. However, that’s not the case anymore. New inkjet printers offer up to 10,000 printed pages from a monochrome cartridge and up to 7,000 pages from color cartridge.

If you’re looking for one for your home, you might want to choose a multifunction one, since it’s cheaper than most printers and you will also get to save room. All-in-one kind of printers are very common, and the companies don’t charge much for them – one costs up to $60.

Photo printers

If you want to keep your family photos on paper, you might want to get a photo printer. It’s true, they don’t really get along with multitasking, but the quality is better – better than of those you might get at a random printing kiosk

Many of the printers have the capacity to print photos of 4×6 inches in size, or even wider formats made up to 24 inches wide.

Supplies are expensive if we are to compare them to those of the typical multifunction printer. Big names in the field have models that can print 8.5×11 inches and even use 5 or 6 colors of ink to give us photos that have amazing color accuracy.