True Salt, a natural and unrefined sea salt, is the secret ingredient in the best dishes served around the valley — from some of the finest local resorts like the Phoenician to restaurants such as Lon’s a the Hermosa Inn, True Food Kitchen and Mora Italian — and around the country. The newly launched, Phoenix-based company, also offers convenient online ordering for direct consumer purchase. 

True Salt Co-Founders Brian Pierce and Kelly C. Egan have a combined 40-plus years of experience in the high-end food service industry as well as the consumer product arenas. This experience — and shared passion to find a better salt to share with the world — led the entrepreneurs to develop True Salt, a company offering all-natural sea salt that is rich in nutrients essential for health and wellness including magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. 

“We spend all of our time thinking about salt — how we can make it taste better and also be better for our bodies and for the world,” says Egan. “True Salt was founded to give chefs and home cooks an alternative to iodized salt and respond to the growing demand for cleaner ingredients that promote healthier living. ” 

True Salt is available in three grains: Kosher, Course and Fine. The Kosher grain is designed as a foundational ingredient, in a texture that is easy to control and sprinkle. The Course grain is ideal for salting proteins and vegetables in both prep and finishing stages, with the larger crystals providing crunch and flavor to roasts and spice rubs. The Fine grain can be used for brining and everyday cooking —  from pastas to dressings — as well as dry salt dispensing.

Unlike iodized salts that are refined and processed, True Salt contains no chemicals or anti-caking agents and is never bleached. For generations it has been harvested by hand from the Sea of Cortez through a process of solar evaporation that extracts the sea salt from these waters. This method is both natural and sustainable — and has zero impact on the environment.

True Salt can be purchased online at in 16-ounce pouches for consumer use as well as in large quantities for commercial needs.