The candle industry is blazing — in a good way. Whether premium or budget, candles of all shapes and sizes have become a new medium for fashion and personal statements. Plus, our sense of smell is the most evocative, trumping both sight and touch.

But why does any of this matter? Well, let’s put it simply: Candles are hot this season. And Custom Scented Candles make great personal gift. And you still have Christmas shopping to do.

See where we’re going with this?

The problem with luxury candles is there’s no telling if they’re worth the price. To help you choose the best luxury candles this holiday season, we’ve put our noses to the test. Here’s our pick for the six best luxury candles on sale.

1. JO MALONE English Oak & Redcurrant Candle

The coveted Jo Malone London has concocted subtle and elegant perfumes for almost 40 years. It should be no surprise that this master of fragrance also knows a thing or two about candlemaking.

Their high-end candles all come in the same chic shot glass with a sturdy, understated metal base. While their line of candles comes in dozens of fragrances — all complimenting their colognes and perfumes — the English Oak & Redcurrant scent is our favorite by far.

This floral fragrance is both woody and bright. With tones of mandarin, redcurrant, and rose, it’s like stepping into an orchard at dawn. This uplifting candle can help anyone navigate their winter woes and look forward to the coming Spring.

Best of all, it’s the perfect size for even a petite stocking and comes with complimentary gift wrapping.

2. CIRE TRUDON Abd El Kader

The armorial-turned-label of Cire Trudon has promised quality for over 350 years. And they’re still improving their craft. Each holiday season, Cire Trudon launches brilliant holiday-themed candles that will take your breath away.

Probably because you’ll give your lungs a workout enjoying their evocative scents.

Our favorite candle isn’t an exclusive scent at all, but merely a Christmas redesign of a timeless fragrance: Abd El Kader. The spice of mint and ginger seem to harken to the holidays, of peppermint sticks and chocolate desserts.

Although $125 is a steep expense, it’s hard to put an asking price on class nor exclusivity. After all, these silver-leafed candle glasses are only here for a limited time.

3. NEST FRAGRANCES Hearth Classic

For a more affordable taste of luxury, Nest Fragrances has you covered. Their premium wax guarantees the ideal burn — not too slow, not too fast — to diffuse the perfect amount of fragrance. In truth, you can’t go wrong with any of their luxury candles.

But there’s something about the smell of firewood that brings the holidays to mind. The Hearth Classic scent is a fireplace in an avant-garde black-tinted glass. With rich wood and ember, even your guy friends will be pleasantly satisfied to find this in the toes of their stocking.

You can give the gift of comfort for only $42, a small sum compared to other luxury candles. In fact, there are countless ways to enjoy a premium candle without a premium price. To learn more, read on here.

4. LE LABO Santal 26

A wine label sits within the Santal 26 glass, an adage to its fine taste. It’s a candle meant to be taken out and uncorked for celebratory occasions and enjoyed with an ensemble of special guests.

Le Labo’s Santal 26 is remarkably understated. There is no official description of its fragrance, burn-time, or even a reference that it is, in fact, a candle.

But we’ve smelled it for ourselves, and we can say this: Its leathery sandalwood is both sweet and airy. And with a touch of vanilla, you just may find yourself salivating when you light the wick.

And there’s no need to be stingy. You can expect the Santal 26 to burn for around 60 hours or more. Best of all, this scent falls at an affordable midline price at around $75.

But be warned, it’s quickly becoming sold out for the season. Best to pick this up now before it’s too late.

5. BYREDO Bibliotheque

French for “library,” Byredo’s Bibliotheque luxury candle says it all. It’s the essence of the study night and comfort book distilled into a single black glass. You wouldn’t even know it was a candle if not for the way the upper rim illuminates and dances when the wick is lit.

Enjoy the ancient scent of wooden bookshelves, musty leather tomes, and something lightly floral — like a smattering of plants throughout the community library. It’s the perfect purchase for anyone partial to reading, books, or unwinding in a librarian-mandated quiet place.

6. AQUIESSE Bamboo Teakwood

Of these six luxury candles on sale, Aquiesse has perhaps the most beautiful design. This black modern glass is textured with subtle, segmented strands, like those of a bamboo leaf. The sharp olive label adds the final, exquisite touch.

The scent itself is paradisiacal and alludes to a foreign coastal retreat. Teak, soy, and violets create a fragrance that is both wild and sweet, though a bit more wood-forward than our other candles. In short, it’s another perfect gift for those who experience the winter doldrums and need an evocative pick-me-up.

It’s also the longest-lasting of all our candles and features a 100-hour burn. How’s that for an extended vacation getaway?

Get Luxury Candles This Holiday Season

Luxury candles are a versatile gift everyone can enjoy. Skip the stereotypical candies and gift cards this year. Instead, offer something more personal and stuff their stockings with fragrances from one of these suggested luxury candles brands.

Your friends and family will thank you.

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