It is no secret that skin loses elasticity, as we get older. This causes skin on the face and body to get loose, which can give people an older appearance. Luckily we no longer have to turn to the classic face-lift.

Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa, 4449 North 24th Street Phoenix is the first day spa in the area to offer The Fractora™ Firm by Invasix. The Fractora™ Firm is the newest generation of safe skin tightening technology.

“We’re so excited to be the first day spa in the Phoenix area to have this next generation non-surgical skin tightening technology,” said Marlena Kruger, Executive Director of Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa. “The temperature precision provided by Fractora™ Firm yields the best results of the many similar machines we have evaluated.”


The process of Fractora™ is unlike most other skin tightening treatments. Rather than making incisions, licensed senior laser technicians gently heat skin to an optimal temperature, which causes the skin to naturally remodel and contract.


The result is tighter and firmer skin. The treatment can repair loose skin on the face, jaw, neck, upper arms forearms, upper thighs, knees, and post baby tummy skin.


The Fractora™ Firm is the first skin-tightening device designed with a built-in temperature control that ensures that the optimal skin tightening temperature is reached, and ensures that safe temperatures are never exceeded. Keep in mind these radio frequency treatments are not regulated in the state of Arizona.

Unlike previous skin tightening methods Fractora only takes 30 minutes. There is also no hospitalization or recovery period.
After the skin is heated it becomes tighter and firmer. This ensures that each client receives an exceptionally qualified treatment. While each treatment provides visible results, a series of six to eight treatments provides optimal results.