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New products | 17 Sep, 2012 |

With all the fashion-forward clothing shops popping up in town, I will be bringing you bi-weekly installments of a sampling of the best boutiques Scottsdale has to offer. This week, we stopped by Splash Designs Boutique.

First Impressions

Splash Designs was a win for me from the get-go. I have to admit that I’ve been to one of its other locations and already knew I have a soft spot for its clothes, but I tried to approach this one with a fresh canvas. I was not disappointed. Speaking of fresh, that’s exactly the vibe I get from Splash’s store. It’s airy, it’s appealing, and I could immediately see the styles were not “cookie-cutter” as they often are in other stores. And, for extra brownie points, the staff members at Splash were very friendly and seemed genuinely interested in helping me if I needed it. A+ start.

Clothing Analysis

There is something wonderfully infectious about the sweet, breezy feel of the clothes that are sold at Splash Designs. It’s almost as if the boutique isn’t trying too hard ― they just know what they like and what looks good, and that’s what they aim to pass on to customers.

Splash has a wide range of wardrobe essentials, but most of its clothes can be standalone pieces as well. For instance, you will find some inexpensive camis interspersed throughout, but they’re usually there to accompany a lacy cardigan or sheer blouse. Splash offers a great variety of clothes ― everything from multi-colored skinny jeans to flowery dresses to business-approved tops ― and jewelry, accessories and shoes to boot. The only downside to the selection is that it’s limited and changes frequently. Don’t leave without getting that to-die-for skirt you love ― it probably will have been snatched up and replaced by something entirely different by the time you come back.

Now let’s chat prices. Another reason I’m a fan of Splash is because I feel like it’s one boutique that got it right in this area. The boutique carries some designer clothes mixed in throughout the store, but a lot of its clothes are selected more for their style rather than their brand-based label. I, for one, love that. Everything I laid my hands on was less than $100, and the vast majority of items I found were even under $50. I appreciate the fair pricing and even moreso the fact that the clothes don’t feel cheaply made. Will they last you five years’ worth of wear and tear? I’m guessing not. But will they fall to shreds after your first few washes like some inexpensive clothes do? I dare say no. The quality is very solid.

Tidbits and Takeaways

I wouldn’t steer you wrong, so trust me when I say, I vote yes on Splash. I don’t think its style is for everyone, but if you give the boutique a go once, you will quickly know whether or not its carefree fashion sense jives with your own. If it does, you’re in for a treat. Head on over for things like fun skirts, vibrant tops and chunky jewelry.

From the Rack

Striped Pleated Skirt ($44)

Comfy Knit Sweater ($50)

Cap Sleeve Top ($27)

arrowsThis pleated skirt is both playful and sophisticated, and is one of those perfect day-to-night wardrobe pieces. Wear it to work and then add some heels and smoky makeup, and voila! You’re ready to hit the town. arrowsEven though it’s still sweltering outside in our lovely state, I don’t think it’s ever too soon to start gathering fall and winter essentials. This knit sweater hangs off the shoulders and is a sassy approach to cooler temps. I’m obsessed. arrowsThe cap-sleeve top here is one of Splash’s more basic tops, but it has some flair and shows a peek into its whimsical side, which I really like. Finally, here’s a picture from its look book with some impending fall styles that embody Splash’s charm. Enjoy!
The location I referenced:
Splash Designs Boutique in Scottsdale Fashion Square:
7014 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale
Level 2: 2PC
(480) 946-0349

Check out Splash Designs’ Look Book.

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