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Notable fashionistas become notable by first being fashion deviants. The folkway – “All individuals mustn’t wear white before Labor Day.” My reason for deviance – It’s outdated and makes little sense. It actually may not even be considered deviant anymore because many brake this rule and I couldn’t be happier.

White is hot because white is fresh. Almost everyone who puts on white appears tan, airy and ready to face the day with a light-hearted and optimistic attitude. It’s the new neutral and incorporating it is a breeze. Wear white as you would wear black.

And to those of you I don’t have on board yet (don’t think I don’t see you my firm believers of black = flattering, classic and sophisticated) I promise you white is not scary. I’m going to show you that white is for everyone. No matter what your shape or how spill-prone you are, white will work for you. Here are some golf fashion tips for incorporating white:

Dress in Layers

I know some of you are very skeptical because you’re thinking, “Oh god, I know for a fact white shows every tiny little flaw and therefore I steer clear for my own good.” I am not discrediting this. You are right. Here’s how to correct it – layer.

Lulu White zip-upEveryone has at least a couple flaws and jackets hide flaws, even white jackets. Check out this white zip-up from Lululemon for $128. Lulu has done nothing but impress me year after year. Not only does this jacket (along with all other Lululemon products in my opinion) have a slimming effect but it couldn’t be more functional as well. It has zip pockets, moisture-wicking technology that keeps sweat away from your body, anti-stink protection and even an emergency hair tie on the zipper. And for those of you still dead-set on your black the jacket is available in black as well – you can add in your white with the layer underneath.

Also you must check out this Uba Hoddie *Lux from Lululemon for $148. This could not be more functional, period. Just check out the pictures. It comes with a built-in layer that’s removable, a specific spot for your smart phone, and a useful hood.

Uba Hoodie 3 Uba Hoodie 2 Uba Hoodie 4

Don’t Forget your Bottom Half

If you want to wear a loud jacket on top, you can always make your neutral the bottom half of your outfit.

Check out these Lululemon Studio Pant’s for $118 or these golf pants from Jofit for $78. Three things come to mind when I consider theses pants. Number one, comfort. I know for sure that the Lulu’s feel like pajama pants. Number two, shade. They’re both a bit of an off-white. This way you’re not blinding people on the course and can’t be seen shinning multiple holes away. Stark white can be a little obnoxious. And finally, number three, material. The type of material on both pants is convenient for easy cleaning for all my spill-prone’s out there.

Lulu Studio Pant  Jofit Golf PantLulu Skirt White

Or try a nice white skirt like this one from Lululemon for $58. I guarantee you your legs will look their best. Talk about an easy way to make your skin look golden.

It’s Spring, Bring on the Pastels

When I think of spring, do you know what I think of? Pastels. And do you know what color looks great with pastels? White!

Same Rejuvenate Yellow Rejuvenate PinkA great way to incorporate early spring pastels is with jackets. This way, you can look like spring flowers but be comfortable at the same time. We all know March can still get nippy from time to time. Check out the Rejuvenate Hoodie from Lululemon for $98. You could wear this with a white pant or skirt like I mentioned above or wear a white t-shirt underneath.

Or add your pastel on your lower half. The Lululemon skirt I showed you above also comes in this fresh pastel green. You could pair this with a white jacket or a white t-shirt.

Same Lulu Skirt GreenAnd as a sidebar for my girls who can’t help but get themselves dirty, you’ll be happy to know that white is not banned from you anymore. Like I said, a lot of materials now are resistant to stains but, even if you do spill, there are tons of easy ways to remove it. For the wash, I recommend using Greased Lighting or Oxi Clean and for the course, Tide and Shout makes these handy little wipes that will fit in your golf bag.

See, I told you white is for everyone. So put your black back in the closet for next winter and break out your whites. Until next time sassanistas.

Be strong, be smart, be sassy!

Nancy Collins

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