According to statistics released by and, the most popular month to get engaged is December (16 percent). And, another statistic shows that 65 percent of brides are somewhat involved in the ring selection, with nearly a third (31 percent) “very involved” — i.e., they shopped for and/or purchased the ring with the groom.

“From a jeweler’s perspective, this really means that the men we have the pleasure of working with throughout the engagement ring selection process have a good idea of what their brides-to-be want and are able to select a ring with confidence that their significant other will cherish,” says Paul Hamra of Hamra Jewelers.

Now and through 2013, it’s all about individuality, according to Jeff Hamra of Hamra Jewelers. He adds that brides-to-be favor something unique or something that tells a story, encompassing the couple’s journey together.

“All of these details are great strides taken for originality and distinction in an engagement ring,” Jeff says. “2013 will be all about fancy-shaped center stones ― particularly pear- and cushion-shaped, fancy-colored diamonds, halo-style mountings and diamonds set in rose gold.”

For those brides-to-be lending a hand in the ring-selection process, ask yourselves: What will your engagement ring say about you?

Here are the six types of engagement rings for 2013 and what they say about your style and your relationship:

Classic Prong Ring Set, Hamra Jewelers

Classic prong set ring

“This type of ring is perfect for the bride who desires simple elegance,” Jeff says. “Her style is classic, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. She is a traditionalist at heart and is truly devoted to the commitment she is making. She is sure to have a marriage that will stand the test of time.”

Pave Design, Tacori emerald cut, Hamra Jewelers

Pave design

“This type of ring is perfect for the bride who wants to wear a contemporary heirloom,” Jeff says. “She is the girl who has been dreaming of her perfect ring for years. She wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and she is truly a romantic at heart. Her marriage is certain to include many candlelit dinners and romantic strolls along the beach.”

Halo Style, Henri Daussi cushion halo, Hamra Jewelers

Halo style

“This type of ring is perfect for the girl who loves sophistication and sparkle,” Jeff says. “She wants her friends to adore her ring as much as she does. You will often catch her gazing at the beauty of her own ring. She leads a well-balanced life, and as a result, her relationship is sure to have the perfect symmetry of stability and fun.”

Fancy-Colored Center Stone, Hamra Jewelers

Fancy-colored center stones

“From fancy yellow diamonds to Ceylon sapphires, this bride wants a unique statement piece,” Jeff says. “She is an original and wants her ring to reflect the same. She usually falls in love with her stone first and views her mounting as a pedestal upon which to display the beautiful center stone she has selected. Her relationship is the center of her world, and she is truly devoted to making it last for a lifetime.”

Modern Design, Hamra Jewelers

Modern design

“This bride views her ring as a work of art,” Jeff says. “She is free spirited and enjoys life. She has a unique sense of style, and her ring reflects this as well. She is open to new ideas and is sure to have a relationship that will include plenty of adventure and excitement.”

Twist Design, Hamra Jewelers

Twist design

“This girl loves the symbolism behind her ring,” Jeff says. “She wants it to be a true representation of her and her husband’s union together. She is marrying her best friend and wholeheartedly believes she and her husband are two separate individuals who will be intertwined as one, together, forever.”

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