5 Essentials for Easy Summer Beauty

New products | 16 May, 2013 |

We get it: summer is here and your mind is already overwhelmed with ideas on how to get bikini-perfect, from packing in extra Pilates to juice cleanses, spray-tan appointments and of course, every woman’s “favorite” pastime: swimsuit shopping. We’ve been right beside you during this process – here, we share how to treat (and prevent!)  pesky spider veins, and here you will find recipes for how to whip up skin-glowing products in the kitchen – but today, as the heat rolls in, we’re making the task painless. Below you will find 5 unique pick-me-up beauty products for making a quick and easy beauty bang. The best part? There are no (ill-fitting and unflattering) strings attached and each item nicely slides into your cute new beach tote.

sfgsfgsMama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper

This year’s bikini cover-ups are centered around the midriff, from crop tops to tanks with sexy cut-outs. Get Waisted increases your skin’s energy and pushes fat cells to release themselves, causing firmness and tightness in the given area. Not a substitute for a diet – just a quick tummy-tightener for warm days ahead.


Available at Mama Mio



lav_roller_ball_vanilla_coconut_2190_001_500Lavanila The Healthy Roller-Ball Fragrance

Paraben and sulfate-free, Lavnila’s vanilla coconut roller-ball fragrance is as fresh as a tropical breeze and perfectly suited for packing.


Available at Lavanila Laboratories





UNITE Beach Day

Loose, beachy waves are supposed to look effortless, and now the process is, too. Create that wildly natural, ultra-texturized look with UNITE’s Beach Day Texturizing Spray – toss in, go out: your summer look is complete.


Available at UNITE


adidas-deo-body-spray-natural-vitality-24-hours-150ml-_women_Adidas for Women Body Sprays

Stifle sweat with Adidas’ new deodorant body sprays for women. Clean scents like Fruity Rhythm, Natural Vitality and Pure Lightness keep you fresh and beautiful all the sunny day long.


Available at Wal-Mart and most drug and grocery stores.



14098Hairdo by HairUWear Beach Braid Headband

Hair trends come and go but braids lasts forever. Style your loose waves this summer and add a braid without the work (or washing out!) with these delicate braided headbands from Hairdo. While they are at the peak of style right now, a pretty braid is always classic and feminine.


Available at VogueWigs


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