New Year’s Eve, the one time of year that our wine glasses sparkle as brightly our winter wardrobes.

But how does one choose the best champagne or sparkling wine to enjoy during this, the fizziest of holiday seasons?

“Simply put, one must decide how much of a brut he/she wants in order to determine the best bottle for his/her taste buds,” says Douglas Wooster, market manager of Moet Hennessey in Arizona.

According to Wooster, when it comes to champagne and sparkling wines, the term “brut” refers to how much sugar is contained in the bottle. The least-sweet bottles, generally the most popular among males, are generally those labeled as “brut,” “extra brut” and “brut zero.” For sweeter options, look for the terms “extra dry,” “dulce,” “sec” or “semi-sec.”

If shopping by brand, the below guide is a best bet for good bubbles; and all are available at any local AJ’s or Total Wine & More:

Moët & Chandon
World’s leading champagne house since 1743. The quality of the wines starts with the 2,840 acres of sweeping estates, offering unparalleled access to the finest grapes that the champagne region has to offer.
Retail: $40 – $85

Veuve Clicquot
For more than 230 years, the brand’s stayed true to its motto: “Only one quality, the finest.”
Retail: $50 – $180

Visionary Founder Joseph Krug understood the essence of champagne is pleasure itself.
Retail: $170 – $225

Dom Pérignon
Precise and tactile to the point of seamlessness; tense through rhythm and vibrancy; vigorous and fresh yet mature; intense and complex.
Retail: $150 – $200

If shopping for the best venues to enjoy a bottle or two of champagne this holiday season, below are two best bets:

  • Lon’s at Hermosa Inn’s Mumm & Perrier-Jouet Wine Dinner on December 27th,
  • Champagne New Year’s Eve at Hotel Valley Ho on December 31st,

And, if you would rather try your hand at eating your champagne wishes and caviar dreams this New Year’s, be sure to check out Scottsdale’s own Melting Pot, which is incorporating a “champagne cooking style” into its holiday menu as well as pairing its signature fondues with a bevy of rich champagnes and sparkling wines.

“We are marrying rich Fontina and Butterkäse cheeses with buttermilk bleu cheese, shallots, scallions and fresh-cracked black pepper to the champagne on New Year’s Eve only for the ultimate sparkling take on our classic Wisconsin Trio,” says Aaron Marion, a spokesperson for the Melting Pot.