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Pretty in pink! …? This phrase instantly puts a giddy smile on my face. Unfortunately, more and more women are experiencing the complete opposite. Reason for the looming question mark.

Recently, there has been a noticeable backlash against the color and I think I know why. Pink is feminine and some believe it may be too feminine. When I first heard this, I did a double take. Is it possible to be “too feminine?” Why would you want to hide what you should be flaunting? I’m proud to be a woman and you should be too.

I feel some women believe pink pokes fun at us probably because it has been tied to images of “bimbos,” like Elle Woods in Legally Blond.

That may explain why someone at a golf expo last week told me that the PGA recently announced that pink is out. Pink is so not out! Pink is hotter than ever. All you have to do is stroll through the mall and, chances are, you will see someone rocking the neon trend with a vibrant pink. Oh, and it’s also all over the runways. That may be a slight indicator as well.

So, maybe pink is out in the golf industry but we are not the women of the golf industry. We are sassanistas – a new breed of female golfers who are fun, trendy and of course, sassy.

I say YES to pink! Pink can easily fit into anyone’s style. Here are some ways to incorporate the hue, whether it is in a bold, flashy way or a subtle accent.

Touch of Pink

For those of you who still consider yourselves sassanistas but tend to have more of a conservative and classic look, an accent of pink is the perfect way to go. This way you still get to incorporate the color without screaming, “Look at me! I’m wearing more pink than my five-year-old daughter.”

Check out these pink plaid capris from the Greg Norman Collection for $63.20. They have the classic golf look but with a small accent of hot pink. It can be paired with something classic like a white polo, or maybe try pairing it with Puma’s $42.00 Urban Mobility Twist Back T-shirt.

Capri greyshirt-1

It may be slightly out of your comfort zone, but the color tones it down. To me, it’s the perfect blend of fashionable and functional. My test to please you girls is to ask myself if my choices are Charlotte York approved. I believe these pieces pass the test.

Pretty in Pink

pinkpumaThis section is for those of you who are adventurous but have limits. Don’t worry, I do agree with you – Pink has the potential to be grossly over-the-top. To avoid looking like a female Kindergartener threw-up all over you, make the pink item your statement piece.

blackskirtTake this Puma Tech Performance Seamless Jacket for $49.00. Then pair it like the model did with black spandex or yoga pants to make the jacket your statement piece. Another reason why I love this jacket is because it’s the right color pink, if you know what I mean. It’s not too hot and it’s not too baby.

Or try some pink leggings under a neutral color skirt, like the Pack and Dash Skort for $65.00 from Lucy Activewear. This is a perfect way to add your flash of pink.

Flashy and Fabulous

This is my section. The section dedicated to women who like to experiment and be bold with their fashion choices.

pinkjacketCheck out this Adidas Supernova Adjustable Jacket for $115.00. I love the layered effect, but more so I love that it’s an acceptable way to wear pink loud and proud. I believe they technically call it red, which I guess the top layer is but I think it just enhances the bottom pink layer in a bold way. Though even for the boldest of sassanistas, I recommend for something that loud to be worn as a statement piece because venturing too over-the-top will backfire on you.

Or you could try sassing up your bottom half with neon tights from Neon is hugely in and I know you’re the women who are bold enough to rock it.

leggings feb articleI hope I’ve convinced you that pink is not out and it’s a fun and fabulous way to flaunt your femininity. Go out there and show the golf world that it’s not just an activity for a stuffy old man anymore and that sassanistas are here to stay. See you next time!


Be strong, be smart, be sassy!

Nancy Collins

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