Product of the week: Creme D'Olives

New products | 14 Aug, 2013 |

Unlike other products, Creme d’Olives is not an exfoliant, a peel, or an agent which temporarily puffs up the skin. Instead, one of the key ingredients in Creme d’Olives – olive leaf extract – is a powerful anti-oxidant, and another, pea extract, protects elastic tissue, which is so important to the maintenance of proper skin tone. Together, these naturally occurring ingredients help slow down the aging process.

Creme d’Olives provides four key benefits that are easily remembered by thinking of the word “Acme” – which appropriately means – the highest point, as of perfection.

A – Antioxidant: Oxidation is a complex process caused by free radicals that break down the skin’s structure. The natural antioxidants from the olive leaves in Creme d’Olives inhibit this process and help prolong the skin’s youthfulness.

C – Circulation: Creme d’Olives is applied by gently patting the skin which, in combination with its ingredients, increases micro-circulation, boosting nutrient levels and flushing waste by-products.

M – Moisturizing: The painstaking way in which oil and water are bonded together in Creme d’Olives results in a formula that increases moisture retention in the skin.

E – Elasticity: Creme d’Olives helps preserve the skin’s elastic components and produce a paradoxical “firm-softness” effect, which decreases the appearance of aging, eliminates dryness, and leaves the skin feeling protected, relaxed, and radiant.

Available for purchase at Cos Bar at Kierland Commons.
15205 N Kierland Blvd
,  Suite 150, 
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 | (480) 607-277

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