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As we approach Father’s Day it is a good time to think about the differences between men’s skin and women’s skin. Overall men tend to have thicker skin with more oil glands and hair follicles. Women’s skin is more responsive to hormonal influences , especially when dealing with acne vulgaris (common acne). Women’s outbreaks may fluctuate with their menstrual cycles. Women tend to have acne longer than men do, with the average age for acne stopping in men at 25 years old and women at 35 years old.

Of course, men have more problems with hair loss and with shaving their beards. Male hair loss is due to the action of the male hormone testosterone on the hair follicles. The currently available treatments for male patterned hair loss (alopecia) block this effect. Or the hair is replaced with hair transplants, the bald area reduced with scalp reductions or hair moved into the bald area with scalp skin flaps. On the horizon are new medications that work in a similar manner to Latisse, which promotes eyelash growth.

Shave bumps, razor bumps or ingrown hairs are seen in a condition known as Pseudofollicuitis Barbae. This is a common chronic disorder occurring in the beard area of men who shave. It is most often seen in men of African descent with darkly pigmented skin and tightly curled hair. The tightly curled hairs curve back into the skin when shaved, causing pus bumps that can lead to keloid scars. The only way to avoid this condition is to stop shaving or to optimize your shaving ritual.

Here are the simple tips to avoid shaving problems:

•    The best time to shave is when the skin  is most hydrated, in the shower or immediately after showering
•    Use a shaving cream and massage a moderate amount to a lather in the area to be shaved
•    Do not pull the skin taut
•    Do not shave against the grain or direction of hair growth
•    Use a sharp razor
•    Take short strokes and do not shave back and forth over the same areas
•    After shaving, rinse with tap water and then compress with cool or cold water for 5 minutes
•    Use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 as an after shave.
TURO Fathers Day Special
Since men tend to be drip dry and do not like to put products on their skin, we need to make our lives easier by using combination products like TURO which work as a shaving cream and sunscreen.

At Dermatique, we wish a Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere.

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