Most of us enjoy the luxury of wireless internet in our homes. And by now, we largely forget about the tech behind that WiFi while we’re scrolling through social media, getting work done, or streaming the latest show. That is, forget about it until something goes wrong.

When your internet goes down or starts running too slow to get anything done, you’ll suddenly remember that mysterious router with so many confusing cables. Which one does what, and could one of those buttons fix your problem? Keep reading to learn a few pro tips to help you fix your slow WiFi the next time it goes down.

Hit the Reset Button

When all else fails, sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Turning your router off, leaving it off for around 10 seconds, and then turning it back on, may be all that your router needs to get back on track! This tip can help a router reset when other problems have slowed it down, keeping it from sending out a steady signal. Before you start moving equipment around or running updates, this is a must-try tip that could solve your internet problem and fix your slow WiFi.

Consider Moving Your Router

If you’re experiencing lagging WiFi speeds but are still able to get a connection, or at least get a connection in parts of your home, your router location is likely to blame. Many homeowners opt to tuck their router and all of its unsightly cords in a cabinet, behind the couch, or maybe in a guest room. The trouble with this is that every obstacle in between your router and your laptop, tablet, desktop, or smart TV weakens your signal.

Where in your home your router is placed can also have a big effect on your signal. Most routers come equipped with relatively small antennas. These antennas can only transmit a signal so far. If your router is in a front bedroom on the second floor and you want to access the internet on your laptop in your backyard or maybe your basement, you might not get a signal, or it will be weak. Moving your router to a central location, out in the open and away from walls, can help you get a better signal.

Check for Updates

Just like the laptop or tablet that you’re using to access the internet, your router needs updates from time to time. Without these updates, the software may become outdated and prone to problems. If you’re having trouble with your WiFi even when you’re sitting close by, outdated software could be to blame.

Check with your router manufacturer to see if there are any updates available. While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to check to see if you can have updates applied automatically, that way you won’t have to do this step again in the future.

Getting Your Internet Connection and Speed Back

When your internet starts lagging or your wireless signal disappears entirely, these pro tips can help get you back online. From turning your router off and back on to updating your software to moving your router, any one of these tips could be the solution. At the very least, they’ll help you rule out common problems before you decide to invest in a more expensive internet package to improve your speed and connection.