Both Nikon D3400 and Nikon D5500 are great DSLR cameras. However, each model comes with strengths and shortcomings that considerably impact the impact of your photo shoots. This article will deconstruct over at the DSLR camera comparison and the features of both cameras and give a verdict on the better camera between the two based on what they have to offer.

Screen Specs

Both of these cameras feature LCD screens. However, the Nikon D5500 beats the D3400 model hands-down when it comes to screen specs. For starters, this model has a larger screen – its screen measures 3.2’’ while the latter’s measures 3’’. It also has better screen resolution at 1.037k dots as compared to the Nikon D3400’s 921k dots. It also has touch-screen with articulating capabilities, features that are lacking in the Nikon D3400. Finally, it has 39 focus points while the latter has just 11.

Audio Features

Again, the Nikon D5500 beats the D3400 model when it comes to audio features. This is because it comes with a microphone port while the latter doesn’t. This port facilitates connections with other audio equipment for better quality audio recording options – this, consequently, contributes to better video qualities.

However, the Nikon D3400 also has audio features and capabilities that rank better than the industry’s standards.

Color Depth

The Nikon D5500 may have better screen features compared to the D3400 model, but it performs worse when it comes to color depth. The D3400 model has a color depth of 24.8 while the former has a color depth of 24.1. This means that shots taken with the D3400 model are clearer and more vibrant compared to shots taken with the D5500 model.

Battery Life

Again, the Nikon D3400 performs better than the D5500 model when it comes to battery life. The D3400 model is capable of taking 1200 shots on a single charge while the latter can take only 820 shots. This makes the D3400 convenient for long photo shoots that may involve traveling to places without electricity.

Wireless Connectivity

It is fair to say that both the Nikon D5500 and D3400 perform fairly well when it comes to wireless connectivity albeit their features vary. For starters, the Nikon D5500 has an in-built wireless connection that is lacking in the D3400 model. However, the D3400 has a Bluetooth feature that allows for connection with other devices.

Storage and Memory

Both of these cameras have sufficient storage capacities. However, Nikon D5500 supports UHS memory cards unlike the D3400 model. This is a major advantage as one can never have too much space.


The Nikon D3400 is a good choice when it comes to pricing as it is considerably cheaper than the D5500 model. While prices vary from store to store, the average price for the Nikon D5500 is $560 while that of the Nikon D3400 is $440 – this is a difference of over $100.


Without a doubt, both of these cameras are decent to say the least. However, it is clear that the Nikon D5500 takes the day thanks to its advanced features.  Make sure to differentiate between various dslr camera comparison over online sites.