A leaking roof might not sound like a big deal. The problem is, it can lead to other issues that damage your roof. When the cost of a new roof can run upwards of $3,000, you want to make sure you fix problems before they get worse.

If you want to avoid more costly repairs, you need to know the signs of a roof leaking. Below are five signs to watch for to know for sure that you have a leaky roof.

1. Water Stains

A roof leak might not have immediate signs. However, as time goes on, you can start noticing the signs in your home.

Look at the upper level of your home and try to find signs of water stains. You want to look at the ceiling and the upper parts of your walls. Any water stains here are signs that your roof leaks.

2. Algae Growth

Algae will grow when moisture is exposed to the sun. Your roof should be draining any extra water off your roof. If there is a problem and your roof is ponding or retaining moisture, it’s a sign that water is leaking into your home.

These areas occur because a leaking roof will cause moisture to build up around your leak where water stands. Algae and mold will have enough nutrients to grow when it sticks around long enough.

3. Damaged Shingles

Your shingles are what protect the inside of your home from the elements. If your shingles are damaged or missing, your roof is going to be more prone to problems.

Examine your roof to look for problems with your shingles. A single shingle might not be a cause for concern. However, you could have a problem if a lot of your shingles show signs of problems.

4. Higher Energy Bills

Your roof helps the temperature in your home by keeping the temperature of your home consistent. The roofing material and insulation will help ventilate your home and keep the warm or cold air inside.

If you have a roof leak, your roof won’t be able to ventilate your air properly. Look at your energy bills to see if your heating and cooling costs are higher than usual.

5. Sagging Roof

Your roof is designed to support a maximum weight. If it goes over that weight, it can start to sag and become damaged.

A leaking roof means that water is draining correctly. Your leak will retain moisture and add weight to your roof. Your roof will begin to sag if you let it go on for too long.

A sagging roof can lead to severe structural problems over time. You may end up needing a roof replacement if the damage is too severe.

A Roof Leaking Can Be a Big Problem

The last thing you want is for a roof leaking problem to go on without being fixed. Make sure you watch for the signs above, so a simple fix doesn’t turn into a bigger problem. A little due diligence can now save you in the future.

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