Are you gearing up to downsize and live a more economical life? We’re totally on board. If you’re going so far as to consider a tiny house lifestyle or a minimalist movement, the size and dexterity of a portable washing machine will be just what you need.

We’ve done the research to help you pinpoint the best portable washing machine for your new lifestyle. Let’s get clean, shall we?

1. Panda Compact Washer

The Panda Compact Washer is surprisingly light. Coming in at 55 pounds, it’s small enough to fit in an RV but large enough to support a small family with a kid or two.

In fact, it has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, making it larger than the average portable washer. It doesn’t seem cumbersome either, given its lovely see-through lid.

2. Magic Chef Compact Portable Top Load Washer

The Magic Chef is a nice, affordable option. Coming in at $169, it works hard to produce clean clothes. When you look at it, you’ll think it’s been shrunken down from a standard washing machine.

The Magic Chef one has a capacity of 0.9 cubic feet, coming in a little smaller than the Panda, but if it’s one or two of you, this will be our vote.

3. Zenstyle Portable Washer

Get ready for this. You’ll forget this is an article about portable washers. The Zenstyle offers 10 different programs and 8 distinct water levels. That sounds incredible for a portable laundry machine, doesn’t it? It doesn’t stop there, though.

You can also set the soil level and, given its side-by-side tub, it can handle up to 10 pounds of clothes. We were blown away by all the bells and whistles on this one. The price tag won’t blow this contender out of the water, either. It clocks in at a cool $170.

4. Haier Pulsator

This is a pretty little package right here. With a respectable 1-cubit-feet, it’s a prime contender if you need to be able to tuck your washer away when you’re done with it. It offers three water levels and three wash cycles.

But, the reason we needed to add this tiny dream machine to the list is that it’s quiet. Especially if you’re planning on downshifting into a tiny home, you won’t want all the racket of a loud machine.

5. KAPAS 2-in-1

This is a smaller-than-average, tough little machine. It’s another member of the 1-cubic foot league, but it can tackle nearly eight pounds of clothes. We found that it accurately measures water levels and were impressed by its offering of eight different wash cycles.

The KAPAS is actually lighter than another one of our favorites – the Panda. It comes in at 44 pounds and has a fantastic warranty.

6. Black + Decker Portable Washer

As you continue your research, you might find that a lot of the portable machines don’t boast major brand names. Even Smarthome.Guide’s list of top portable washing machines proves that brand names don’t matter if you’re looking for sturdy efficiency.

But, if you like to stick with what you know, you’ll be glad to see Black + Decker is in the game. Their BPWM09W model is a powerful little washer.

We’re talking LED displays, a clear lid, a stainless steel tub, and sensors to alert you if it goes off-balance. Hook the hose up to your sink and let the cleanliness unfold.

7. KUPPET Portable Washing Machine

If a portable washer is only a temporary need, you won’t want to see a price tag creeping into the $200-range. How does $80 sound? And how about a clear, purple basin?

Believe it or not, the KUPPET is sturdy enough to handle 10 pounds of clothes! It has two basins, one for washing and one for spinning. If your needs and minimal, we highly recommend this cute little workhorse.

Best Portable Washing Machine for You

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