Did you know that spring is among the most popular seasons to propose? If you’re planning a marriage proposal this spring, you may want to take a look at this handy infographic guide from Valentina Fine Diamonds which helpfully lays out the do’s and don’ts of marriage proposals.

When you’ve found your sole-mate, it’s important to make sure that your proposal is as special as they are. So how can you ensure that your marriage proposal is truly memorable?

The first and only rule is to put your beloved at the center of all your planning. However you decide to ask, make sure you do it in a personal and romantic way. A marriage proposal is a very personal occasion, and so it should really be catered to their unique tastes and personality.

The average proposer spends 4.4 months planning how to pop the question, so use that time wisely. When it comes to marriage proposals, the devil truly lies in the details – so be sure to meticulously plan out every little element.

For example, there will be a lot of preparation required if you are planning to pop the question while on a vacation abroad. For example, if it’s a surprise trip you will need to book time off work for your partner before departing. Another good idea is to communicate your plans to the hotel beforehand so they can help you create a magical moment filled with love.

For more tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect marriage proposal, check out the infographic guide below.