Palm readers have predicted the future for thousands of years. They claim the human hand holds a wealth of information.

Is palm reading real? How accurate is palm reading? How does palm reading work? How about palm reading on Nebula? Read on to discover the answers to these questions here.

The History of Palm Readings

The practice of palm reading has been recorded as early as B.C. areas in many different cultures. You can find evidence of palm reading in India, China, Tibet, Persia, and more.

Each culture has its own story when it comes to reading a person’s hand lines. Also, each culture has its own practices. While there are differences, there is one trait that remains the same: using shapes on the hand to predict the future.

Palm Reading Accuracy

Whether or not palm reading is accurate remains an unanswered question. Some people believe it wholeheartedly. Others believe it’s merely the power of suggestion.

To decide for yourself, you need to consider several factors.

Psychic’s Skill Level

Is the person reading your palm well-trained in palmistry? Sure, anyone can grab a palm reading book, but that doesn’t mean they have any professional experience.

If your palm reader has lots of experience under her belt, chances are the reading may be more accurate.

Age of the Person Getting a Palm Reading

Our hands age as the rest of our body grows older. There may be lines that blur in our older age. There may also be lines that are more pronounced.

This may make it a little more difficult for a palm reader to get an accurate reading. There are some main lines (your fate line and love line) that will remain relatively easy to read your whole life.


Most hands do show wear and tear. However, if you’ve burned your hand or cut it in an accident, it will be difficult for someone to read your palms. If you have any significant scarring, you may want to forego palm reading altogether.

The Science of Reading Lines

Our hands form early in the gestation stages. Researchers believe that the hands provide a “fossilized record” of our early development. Therefore, we can use this to provide future insight.

The Ratio of Index-Finger to Ring-Finger Length

Researchers believe the ring finger’s length indicates exposure to prenatal testosterone.

A man whose ring finger is longer than the index is more likely to be athletic and have more children.

A man whose index finger is longer is more likely to have heart disease and schizophrenia.

Symmetrical Hands

For years, people believe symmetry suggests good genes and attractiveness. This is true in hands, too.

If a man’s fingers match up, he is more likely to have plentiful sperm, and possibly more children in the future.

Simian Crease

This is the horizontal line that stretches from one edge of the palm all the way to the other.

You can find this line more in people who have Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and whose mothers had measles while pregnant.

Abnormal Fingerprints

Men are more likely to have abnormal fingerprint patterns than women. Researchers suggest this is because they are more vulnerable to their environment.

You can also find fingerprint abnormalities in people with schizophrenia and diabetes. Researchers believe this might have something to do with maternal illness during gestation.

Sweaty & Salty Fingerprints

Some studies also show certain fingerprints are easier to pick up. If a criminal is a junk food addict, their fingers will leave sweaty and salty prints. Their prints are also more likely to corrode certain metals.

The Nay-Sayers

Those who don’t believe palm readers are “real” have some theories of their own. They believe a palm reader can “read” a person within a few minutes. They know this person has a thirst for answers. Therefore, they can give them a generic enough answer to satisfy their personality.

Probability Observation

Within a few minutes, a palm reader can make some assumptions on a person who walks through their door.

Example: An overweight man in his 50s comes in looking for answers

• He probably has some lower back issues

• He probably has had some health issues

• He has probably lost someone close in his life.

The Power of Suggestion

The palm reader uses these observations to her advantage. She can “sense” some sort of “pain” and ask the man questions to lead her to another suggestion.

The Danger of Palm Reading

Palm reading becomes dangerous when readers exploit their observations for monetary gain. For example, a grieving person may walk in wanting answers after a loved one’s death.

The palm reader can decide to do one of two things. They can promise answers if only the person pays “x amount” first. The other option is to offer a sense of harmless closure with a generic answer.

“Your loved one is in a better place now and is resting easy.”

Is Palm Reading Real?

In the end, the answer to “Is palm reading real?” is a combination of pseudo-science, observation, and the power of suggestion.

It’s a harmless practice, for the most part. Many people may even walk away from a “legit” palm reader feeling closure, security.

This is because better palm readers use the intuition to read an entire person, not just lines on their palms. They also don’t promise anything a palm can’t actually tell you.

No, a palm can’t tell you how many kids you’ll have.

Yes, a palm reader can assume you may have 3-4 kids. This is the average family and is, actually, likely.

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