If you’re getting ready to move, it’s never fun to clean up behind yourself before opening the door to a brand new place.

In order to get your deposit back, you’ll probably need to do some thorough cleaning when moving out of an apartment, although it’s a time-consuming task.

Before you give the keys to your landlord and say goodbye, read on for some tips to make cleaning out your apartment easy and fast.

Start with a Move Out Cleaning Checklist

To make the cleaning process easier, write down a quick checklist of everything you need to do. Include cleaning supplies and simple household repair items that you might need before you start. This should cover things like spackle for nail holes, bathroom cleaners, and all the basic necessities.

Gather all of your supplies together, then make sure that you tick everything off your list. The moving out of an apartment checklist should include items like patching nail holes, too.

Go through each item individually so that you don’t overlook anything. You may want to re-visit your checklist once you’re done, just to confirm that you’ve cleaned every area of the apartment.

According to Hellamaid when you have a plan and a list in place, it’ll be much easier to breeze through the cleaning process. This is the best way to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases so your landlord won’t have anything to complain about once you’re gone.

Things to Clean When Moving Out of an Apartment

When you’re getting ready to clean, there are a few basics that every tenant should cover. Start by removing all of your pictures, posters, and wall shelves, then follow up by taking all of the nails out of the wall.

Use a lightweight spackle and gently fill in each nail hole. Smooth the holes evenly so that it leaves a clean finish behind and no one will be able to tell there was ever a hole there.

Next, dust every surface in your apartment including the ceiling fan blades and behind the toilet. By now, everything should be packed in boxes so you can easily dust everything left behind.

Clean the floors thoroughly, whether it’s vacuuming or mopping. If you have carpeted floors, sprinkle a deodorizer on them, wait for 15 minutes, then vacuum everything up.

Some landlords ask that you hire a professional carpet cleaner and show them the receipt. If so, make sure you get a few estimates so you know you’re getting the best price.

Wipe down all surfaces like light switches, the top of the fridge, and the kitchen countertops. It’s a good idea to clean all of the windows, too.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom tend to be the dirtiest places, so these are the areas where you’ll want to pay the most attention as you clean. You can also hire an end of tenancy cleaners if you need some extra help.

Make sure that you thoroughly remove all soap scum from the tub and shower. Use a quality cleaning product and sponge so you can cut through any film that’s left behind.

Don’t forget to empty the drawers in your bathroom vanity and your kitchen. Once all drawers are empty, wipe them clean with a damp cloth to remove hair, crumbs, and dust.

Clean the toilet and mirror in your bathroom until they’re sparkling. If the toilet seat looks to be in bad condition, you can easily replace it for a minimal cost.

In the kitchen, you’ll want to wipe down the sink and faucet until it’s pristine. Clean out your refrigerator, then wipe down all of the shelves and the front door.

You’ll also need to clean out the oven to make sure it’s clean and free of leftover food. Wipe the door inside and out so that you can easily see inside (if you have a glass door).

Finishing Touches

Once you feel like everything is nice and clean, it’s time to do a few finishing touches. Double-check to make sure that the countertops, shelving, and any other surface is now completely free of dust.

Look for any footprints or scuff marks left behind on the floors and try to remove them if you can. If your apartment has a garage, it should be completely emptied out and swept clean, too.

Make sure that every cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom is completely empty. Don’t forget to check the cabinets over the refrigerator and under the sinks, too!

Another great way to clean when moving out of an apartment is to wipe down the walls. All you need is a washcloth with some soap and water, and just a gentle wipe down can remove dust and dirt. Try this on all of the doors inside your apartment as well.

When you moved in, your landlord may have given you a checklist to ensure that everything was in good working order. Refer back to this checklist since it can be a great help as you walk through to make sure every part of the apartment is nice and clean.

Clean the Right Way

From the floors to the fridge, keep these tips in mind when you’re moving out of an apartment. It’s the best way to make sure you leave a clean apartment behind for the landlord and the next tenant.

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