No Ties Allowed: Five simple Father’s Day gifts

Consumer news | 14 Jun, 2014 |

Dads — the patriarchs of society, the guys who fought refs and umpires for us when we were just in little league and too innocent to defend ourselves, the fellas who took you camping or golfing or bought you a book on investment when you were 15 years old and asked for a car. Once a year, (this year it’s June 15), we celebrate all those tough love lessons. Dads are not always perfect or easy to peg, but we’ve crafted five simple approaches to Father’s Day gifts based on a few common, non-empirically sourced “types.”


If your dad is: The original hipster
Gift: Growler

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. When I was a kid, I never gave my pops a “No. 1 Dad” coffee mug, but now that I’m older I’m all about gifting people beverage containers. If you’ve already been there and done that with the coffee mugs, growlers cost about $12 at most local breweries. Plus: he can fill it as he pleases with the freshest craft beer on tap around the Valley. Heck, maybe you guys can make it a regular father-son/daughter thing to test out a new brew every other weekend.






If your dad is: Going into the next decade kicking and screaming
Gift: Botox
Have all those years of calling him “old man” has struck him deep in his forehead creases? Help him smooth out that furrowed brow with the gift of botox. Everybody’s doing it. Seriously, it’s the Father’s Day gift this year.



178281231If your dad is: The man who has everything
Gift: Nostalgia
Your dad wants something? He gets it. His garage is full of gadgets. His office has every book he could ever want to own. His TV is just the right size. He has dozens of ties, socks, polos. He doesn’t need anything and even if you find something totally unique, he’s probably going to beat you to it by three days. But there’s still hope: Give the gift of memories. One of my coworkers gave his dad his first Ironman trophy for Father’s Day, for example. Now, that’s the kind of gift he can’t buy himself.


142091190If you dad is: Always polishing his clubs/outdoorsy
Gift: Day at TopGolf
You love your dad. Don’t let him die of a heatstroke. TopGolf just opened its first Arizona location earlier this month — and it’s awesome. It offers seven competitive games, 102 climate-controlled hitting bays, a restaurant, three bars and 230 high-def TVs. TopGolf at Riverwalk is located at 9500 E. Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale —


160820358If your dad is: The keeper of life-hacks
Gift: Nothing — no, seriously!
I love giving gifts, but my dad is the best gift-giver I’ve ever met. He gives the best advice and he just always knows exactly what kind of tool or gadget will make your life easier. It’s just not fair to anyone else in my life, and it’s definitely not fair when I have to give him my stupid gag gifts every time a holiday rolls around. Now, he just tells me not to spend money on him. So, I send him a card, give him a call, and try to make sure he feels loved year-round. To the dad who already knows all the life hacks, that’s your best bet!

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