There’s no denying that vaping is big business nowadays. Even non-smokers are picking up on the new trend.

It’s so popular that over 50% of American adults had tried e-cigarettes at least once as of 2018. Can it help you quit smoking though?

Here’s the truth about switching from cigarettes to vape and how to pull it off successfully.

The Pros of Switching from Cigarettes to Vape

While studies into the pros and cons of vaping to quit smoking are still rather thin on the ground, one British study did come up with some promising results.

The findings centered on two control groups of smokers who were trying to quit. One group used conventional nicotine patches and gum, while the other took to vaping.

At the end of the study, more people in the vaping control group had stopped smoking than those using other nicotine replacement measures. Also, coughing and phlegm production was greatly reduced in those who smoked vapes. More so than in the other control groups.

Judging from these results, it looks like replacing cigarettes with vaping does have health benefits, plus there’s a chance you’ll quit altogether.

So if that’s enough to convince you that using vape to quit smoking is the way to go, take some time to learn more about vaping before you invest in the first e-cig you see.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Remember Addiction Is a Psychological Battle

E-cigarettes are a good way to ease off the harmful side-effects of smoking without going cold turkey. Yet, until you say goodbye to nicotine, you’re still addicted to it.

Getting counseling to help you kick the habit will make the transition easier. Support from family and friends or others that are trying to stop smoking will also help. Don’t go it alone.

Don’t Continue Smoking Cigarettes

Many people who try to use vaping as a way to stop smoking end up doing both. This is more harmful to your body than smoking on its own.

At present, researchers don’t know much about the long-term side effects of vaping. It took decades to figure out all the evils of smoking tobacco after all.

Combining the two is a definite no-no.

Wean Yourself off Nicotine Slowly

The biggest benefit of vaping is that you can choose how much nicotine you’re inhaling. Gradually decreasing your intake can help you quit more easily.

Set yourself targets for decreasing your nicotine intake. Taking up vaping and then continuing to do so forever, defeats the object. Work towards a zero-nicotine goal over time.

Like all addictive substances, quitting nicotine comes with a host of negative side effects. Taking it slowly means you’ll suffer less and are less likely to throw in the towel.

The Big Question

Will switching from cigarettes to vape help you stop smoking? It’s up to you. Until we have results from further studies, we won’t know for sure.

The truth is that it has helped some people to stop. If that’s enough for you, it’s worth a shot.

Keep checking back with this site and we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.