Top 5 bars in Downtown Phoenix

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Arcades, bowling, board games, billiards, and so much more can be found within the top five bars in Downtown Phoenix. Each bar offers a unique quirk that makes it one of a kind and worthy of being visited. The following list is not in ranking order.

Gypsy Bar

First on the list is Gypsy Bar in Cityscape on 50 W Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Gypsy Bar is above the CVS Pharmacy in Cityscape and attached to Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike is a bowling alley for those who wish to drink while they knock over some pins. Gypsy Bar offers signature drinks, a recurring nighttime DJ and a dance floor to bust a move. For the month of October, every Saturday night Gypsy Bar holds a costume competition that allows people to get in the running for three different prizes. One prize is a gift card for the bar. Another prize is a paid-for event hosted at the bar. And lastly, the ultimate prize is a Mercedes Benz. All staff members take part in dressing up on Saturdays to encourage the involvement of the customers. There are other holiday-related events that take place throughout the year at Gypsy Bar.

Valley Bar

Next on the list, Valley Bar can be found underground behind a dark alley. Valley Bar is located on 130 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004. After walking to the back of a building and down the nearly 70-year-old staircase, customers walk inside the dark lit bar where the real fun begins. Valley Bar is full of nostalgia-inducing board games, pool tables, and even two ski ball machines.

“It’s hot. The fact that it’s in an alleyway is good and bad at the same time,” Cristopher Rojas, University of Arizona student said.

Valley Bar also offers their own specialty drink, however, theirs come labeled with the names of several of Arizona’s past and present political officials. Some of the cocktail drink names include: The Janet Napolotini, Oh My Goddard, and The Barry Goldwater. Valley also offers a live music room fitted with a dance floor.

Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Another bar on the list would be Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. This bar is located on 18 W Monroe St., Phoenix, AZ 85003 attached to the San Carlos Hotel. This is the go-to place to start out your night in the downtown area. This bar offers several on tap beer options and some amazing whisky choices. Seamus is the bar to attend to get the before drinking meal and then take a shot of whiskey before hitting the town.

“It’s not trendy. It’s real people. It’s the closest thing to Cheers in Downtown Phoenix,” Downtown Phoenix resident, Paul Turck said.

Live music and its central Downtown Phoenix location is a go-to perk of drinking at Seamus.

Crescent Ballroom

Next on the list is Crescent Ballroom. Located on 308 N Second Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003, Crescent Ballroom offers more than just a nice place to have a drink. The venue includes a mini-concert area, outdoor and rooftop seating, and not to mention Tex-Mex styled food. Crescent Ballroom continually has a concert, a live comedy or drag show, or even a community bike ride that goes on once a week. During the holidays, there are no short of festive events.

Cobra Arcade Bar

Last on the list is Cobra Arcade Bar located on 801 N Second St. #100, Phoenix, AZ 85004. As the building name implies, this bar full of arcade games. Several of the arcade games that people remember playing or hearing about as a child can be found refurbished and ready to go. Each game looks like a relic from the past showing wear and tear but that makes them that much more nostalgia inducing. Some of the games include Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat II, Joust, and Q*bert.

“I like the downtown crowd that comes in. Everyone is really relaxed around here. I would say Fridays and Saturdays after 10 pm is the busiest time,” Kent Warner, Cobra Arcade security guard said.

Like most of the other bars, Cobra Arcade offers specialty drinks that come with a video game theme. Some of the drink names include Krazy Kong, Game Over, and Kirby. Cobra Arcade will also be offering a costume party with cash prizes and giveaways on Saturday, October 27.

All event calendars, times of operation, and drink and food menus can be found on the bars’ websites.

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