Are you hunting the best watch of the year? Want to spend your savings to the watch that is not only a simple timepiece? Why not to prefer buying smartwatch that is not only a watch but a complete phone that tie on your wrist? An Android smartwatch for men and women has been launched. There exists a competition among companies, and they are introducing new features to stand out in the market. If you are looking for the best smartwatch and want the updated version, the following five watches can be the best options for you.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy a sleek and stylish watch equipped with many features. It is the best gadget for the fitness enthusiast to track their activity during a workout. Monitor the heart rate and other exercise tracking. Thanks to the technology that provides unique rotating bezel and vibrant light to check the time in the dark. Keep on performing with your smartwatch with good battery time. It is an excellent choice for the android user. Synchronize with your phone and play your apps through your smartwatch. It is one of the top-rated watches in 2019.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

It is another sleek watch that you can add in your watch collection. The excellent battery life, bright light, rotating bezel, and supportive to multiple apps all make the watch ideal for the watch lovers. The cool design and blend of various features give it a high rating. The premium watch provides the 30 days of battery life when not in use. Additionally, enjoy two screens and two modes in one time. Another plus point about the watch is that its available in competitive price so if you have a limited budget you can afford it.

Apple watch series 3

A compatible watch with the iPhone is the affordable watch of the Apple series. It comes with all the features that you expect from the smartwatch. Bright display, snappy performance, and long battery life are some of the salient features that convince the buyer to purchase the watch. Moreover, equipped with Apple pay app so you can utilize the app for your banking and ensure safe purchases through the apple store. The cellular watch allows the tracking of your workout, measures calories and as well as your exercise timings. Attend the call during driving or working in the kitchen.

Huawei Watch 2

A perfect alternative to expensive smartwatches is Huawei 2. The watch is available in competitive rates ad can be your best partner during your gym activities. Attend your calls driving without getting diverted. The comfy light design offers plenty of features and supports multiple apps. Other features include a map, compass, air pressure calculator, and clock showing sunrise and sunset. The small display with the thick bezel is its own kind and give a user an appealing effect.

Samsung Gear Sport

Another smartwatch that you will love to buy from the house of Samsung is the gear sport and ideal choice for most sports enthusiasts. It includes good activity and supports offline playback. It’s a complete package that you look in any smartwatch. The watch compatible with both Android and IOS is high performing. Buy the highly rated watch and give your personality a new turn.

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